5 Easy ways to look after your teeth

by Ahsan Sohail
5 easy ways to look after your teeth

Looking at someone with a bright smile is everybody’s choice and dream. Everyone loves a bright and shiny smile over their face whenever having a conversation with another individual. It does not matter who or what the person is, as long as they smile, it will make your day. Smiling has a very unique and profound power. It can quickly melt one’s heart in a second if it comes from the heart of the smile giver. And when we talk about the smile, we also begin to notice the most prominent asset of the mouth known as teeth.

What role do our teeth play in representing face beauty?

Teeth are one of the most important and prominent features of a face. Of course, it will be because while moving our lips; teeth will always pop out to show themselves. And that is why teeth cleaning and care are very important to take care of daily. Including other beauty features of a face, teeth are also meant to complete the image of perfection of face beauty. Eyes, nose, lips, and teeth play this part with a complete balance which is why they need to take care of with utmost significance.

If you wish to look more beautiful and vibrant while having a face to face conversation with someone, try your best to keep your teeth in healthy and presentable shape. But how can one look after their teeth with a helpful and supportive guide? Now worry not as we are here to discuss some of the easiest and useful ways to get those teeth of your shiny and white in no time.

Teeth functioning inside our mouth

The basic function of teeth inside our mouth is to chop down nibbles of food by cutting and crushing them in preparation for gulping and digesting. Teeth help break our solid food into small pieces, making it easy for our digestive system to accept the food. Teeth not only help food to get its best treatment inside our mouth but also keep our face into a balanced structure with a healthy-looking white color. 

While using these teeth for eating food, many of the food particles get stuck into our teeth, gums, and teeth corners. Because of their edgy shape and design, they ‘re capable of storing multiple types of small leftovers inside our mouth, even the tiniest of sweet and salty too. That allows them to store cavities, plaque, and bacteria inside the narrow areas of teeth. That’s why teeth care should be a daily basis priority.

What damages our teeth the most?

Teeth can be damaged with excessive use of sugary and carbonated drinks and eatables that are incredibly high in caffeine, sugar and citric acids. Strong and effective tastes damage the enamel, the most visible and sensitive side of teeth, causing toothaches and decay inside our teeth. Foods and drinks like sour candies, bread, alcohol, carbonated drinks, ice, citrus, dried fruits, and potato chips are some of the examples that are responsible for bad teeth.

Some good foods and drinks for our teeth

There are some positive aspects of our teeth too. Along with bad foods and beverages, some good ones also exist to keep our teeth healthy and maintained. These eatables and drinks are fiber-rich fruits and vegetables, cheese, milk, plain yogurt, green and black teas, sugarless chewing gums, and foods with fluoride like sugar-free drinks and dehydrated soups. Milk and dairy products help maintain the whiteness and strength of teeth while sugar-free edibles and drinks keep them safe from cavities and plaque.

Interesting and easy tips to keep our teeth clean and healthy

If someone wishes to get some easy and quick tips on keeping their gums and teeth healthy, we are here to provide a solution to this issue. We have gathered upon some of the major and quickest ways to maintain perfectly healthy tips for every other tooth conscious human out there. Whether you are a normal person with normal interest, a conscious self-caring person, or someone related to the screen industry, all of these tips will work best for you. They are easy and adaptable making it convenient for any person out there to work on their teeth.

  1. We all know the most important essential for tooth cleaning, our toothbrush. This source of cleaning takes a lot of responsibility in maintaining our teeth cleanliness. And if you carelessly use your toothbrush for a longer period, keeping it unprotected from germs with no cap, then it’s possible to have your teeth fallen before their time. You need to look after this situation keenly and replace your toothbrush in a maximum of three months. After that, the brush is not safe for your teeth in cleaning matters. 
  2. Second, in line comes the oral health of our mouth. Tongue cleaning is also the most prioritized part of our mouth for healthy and fresh breathing. Along with that touching, our tongue into teeth also affects the health of our teeth. More clean and fresh our tongue is, safer it is for our teeth. So it’s best to clean your tongue with tongue cleaner at the back of toothbrush once a day, every day.
  3. Flossing and mouthwash come side by side when matters of teeth are mentioned. Keeping these two things at all times in your bathroom cabinet is a must. Having them at your sight will remind you of using them regularly.
  4. We can also depend on some home-based remedies like using natural ways to keep our teeth clean and white. Some of the foods that we eat help clean our teeth naturally. Foods like strawberries, apple, celery, carrots, oranges, pineapples, and dairy products like cheese, yogurt, and milk are the best natural sources to whiten our teeth.
  5. Other than natural food sources, we can also adapt some quick and practical solutions to whiten our teeth on an emergency basis. For example, rubbing baking soda on our teeth helps remove plaque and cavities from our teeth instantly. Using it twice a week is good enough to maintain good teeth color. Turmeric rub for 3 minutes gives maximum yellow protection to teeth with amazing results. Banana peel (the inside of peel) helps remove plaque from our teeth faster for quick results.

Easiness is always at hand

Nothing is complicated when one comes to commit himself to find a solution for his problem till the last minute. Teeth cleaning may seem easy and quick task, for it demands consistency and determination. Just brushing our teeth isn’t enough. We need to floss, mouthwash, and oral clean our teeth too; otherwise, its cleaning priority will not be fulfilled completely. Usually, people carelessly clean their teeth quickly to save time expecting to be of less priority. But this small carelessness can turn into a big and painful issue after some time.

Mostly it only takes 10 minutes of freshening up every night to complete the cleaning procedure of teeth.  Just keep your essentials at hand so that you will remember using them every night.

Adjusting difficulty into adjustable easiness is a wise decision

Teeth do not take up much space into our busy life to clean. They require some minutes of our every night freshen uptime and that’s all. Furthermore, our casual activities including having meals three times a day, are also an essential aspect of a healthy life. One must know what he is eating and drinking daily and if he is, how much sugar consumption he is having so that he can adjust it routinely. It’s not bad eating sugary foods and drinking sweet drinks. All you need to do is keep a thorough check of your intake and it will not damage your teeth or your health.

Excessiveness of everything is terrible and having too much of everything will affect us in every way. It does not hurt or affect anyone else but ourselves so its the most important reason to do it for ourselves. No matter what the task, whether cleaning our teeth or going to the gym every day, every small or big matter must be continued with motivation and consistency to give ourselves the attention we need.

Teeth are mirrors of smile

Smiling is a wonderful asset to the human body. Winning someone over with a clean and fresh smile is the easiest tactic and to make it possible, teeth play an important role. So everyone is suggested to work on their teeth for the sake of an attractive and healthy smile so that they will be loved even for their presence anywhere, everywhere, also being present in the crowd

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