Tips to stay healthy while traveling

by Ahsan Sohail
Tips to stay healthy while traveling

Anyone who is wonder lust, knows the desire to travel all the time. Travelling is not only about going from one place to another. It is also a kind of medicine for the soul. It not only lets you enjoy but also makes your mind fresh by coming out of the daily tough routine. We all know that traveling is very exciting but it can also be tiring and extremely stressful. Staying healthy while traveling is only possible if you take care of yourself in an appropriate way. We know that you are wondering in what ways taking care of yourself makes you stay healthy while traveling. Here are some tips and instructions that you can follow to sustain good health and enjoy your trip to the fullest. 

Sleep is a key for Traveling:

Physical travel can bring lots of exhaustion and a great amount of tiredness. Carrying luggage from one place to another, walking and moving to different places in one day can make you get tired to your bones. So the most important thing you can do when you are traveling is to sleep. Travelling can be harsh on your physical and mental health. So try to take a lot of rest in between to keep yourself fresh. It is insane to underestimate the importance of sleep while traveling. Try to take plenty of sleep and your body and mind will be grateful to you. 

  • Stretch before starting your day:

Walking all day and moving from places to places eats up all of your energy and can give you a very irritating body pain. Before starting every day, take out at least 5 to 10 minutes of your schedule and stretch your body. Stretching is a very good thing to make yourself feel fresh. It also helps you get rid of the tiredness and sore muscles. You can do neck and shoulder stretches while waiting for your food at a restaurant or outside the bathroom or transportation. You can also consider stretching yourself before bedtime as it relaxes your muscles and makes it easier to fall asleep and have a sound sleep. 

  • Keep yourself hydrated!

In our daily life routine, we don’t notice how much water we are drinking in a day but during travel, you must ensure that you drink enough water. Either you are traveling on a plane, train, bus or any other automobile, carry a reusable water bottle with you everywhere you go. Staying hydrated is necessary during long journeys. If you worry that local water is not pure than you ca take water purifying tablets with you. It sounds simple but we cannot imagine how scary the consequences be if go through all sun and sweat without any water intake. 

  • Pace yourself:

Don’t try to see everything and go everywhere in one day. Keep your pace slow. If you are in a big city you should stay for a little longer so that you can visit every place without any rush and stress. Don’t overwhelm yourself. Take little breaks once in a while. Don’t hassle too much. Try to get to know every place you visit instead of just being able to claim that you have been there. 

  • Never skip your breakfast:

If you think that you will be eating lunch outside so it’s fine to skip breakfast, then you are at a loss! You must not start your day without eating anything as you’ll be traveling and walking all day. You can order breakfast from the hotel service or if you want something light you can get yourself some fruit. If you are lazy to make yourself something, you can make instant oatmeal with hot water in your room or get any fresh fruit salad or cereal from the nearest grocery store. If nothing is available you can consider having a glass of orange juice or a simple pastry from the nearby bakery. Whatever is the case just don’t skip your breakfast. Breakfast is called the most important meal of the day because of some reason. It gives you the right amount of energy to start your day healthily. 

  • Avoid alcohol:

Avoid consuming alcohol as much as you can when you are traveling. As alcohol consumption makes you two times dehydrated. We know that everyone loves to party on vacation but don’t over intake it. Let your liver breathe a little and make sure not to drink too much that don’t even remember your trip!

  • Make sure to eat healthily:

Stomach issues tend to ruin your trip. Be kind to your stomach and focus on getting the right nutrients from time to time. Stomach issues are often the result of eating something unhealthy or a reaction of the stomach to something that you are not used to eating. In worse cases, these situations can even cause food poisoning. Lookup for restaurants who have a good reputation. Stick to the foods that you know goes along with your body well.

  • Pack what is necessary:

Pack only necessary stuff. Don’t pack things that you think you will need in the future. As traveling freshens the soul and mind so make sure to not burden your body. Heavy luggage can cramp your muscles badly and affect your style as well. Pack as much light as you can. Be kind to your back and shoulders.

  • Eat more vegetables and less meat:

Healthy eating options are the best to choose when you are traveling. Balance your meal by having vegetarian dishes and salads. Avoid eating meaty foods in order not to burden your stomach. Look for healthy options when dining out. Vegetable foods are healthy, delicious and most of all easier to find. 

Take your vitamins wherever you go:

Travelling can be very exhausting at times. If you feel your energy level dropping or your blood sugar level low, these supplements can help boost up your energy level. Vitamins help in maintaining your immune system and your body working like a well-oiled engine.

Keep sanitizer and wet tissues with you:

Sanitizers and wet tissues are extremely useful when water or soap is not available in some areas. While traveling you get to meet and greet many people, get into contact with various things and walk all day through dirt and dust. You will never like to eat with dirty hands. So takin these things along with you can never disappoint. You will need this once or more during your trip. Prevent the spread of germs and make sure to wash your hands before and after every meal. 

Skin protection is essential:

Too much sun is the cause of cancer and in the least cases sunburn. Never forget to wear sunscreen before leaving. Reapply your sunscreen every two hours. Wear insect repellents if you are visiting an area where there is a great chance of your skin getting contact with flies or mosquitos. It will help you protect your skin from insect bites. 

Breathe in the fresh air:

Experiencing the natural beauty of any place is the best adventure anyone can have. Visit green areas of the place you are visiting. Give a sentiment of freshness to your lungs. Cleanse your heart, mind, and soul. Breathe in fresh air as much as you can, as it helps in reducing stress and make you feel relaxed.

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