Anxiety Attacks after Car Accident; What to Expect and Do?

by Ahsan Sohail
Anxiety Attacks after Car Accident; What to Expect and Do?

We are in living in a world where everything happens and shows itself with extreme and hurried intentions and then ending up in a bad situation. It’s a clear fact that we are living in a time where everything and everyone is in a hurry, trying to follow through the day full of tasks and work. However, it’s not anyone’s but our fault that we have made our lives more difficult and unbearable or ourselves. Dealing with situations, we do not intend to handle but still forcefully jumping into them has become a norm for us.

While rushing through our busy and hectic lives, in the end, we come to some unfortunate and coincidental conclusions that are unexpected. When we mention unplanned or unexpected, accidents are an example of these categories. We are talking about accidents that happen on roads due to several careless and hurried reasons. How and when these accidents happen? Let’s look at some answers in the below statements.

How and why accidents happen?

If we talk about accidents, we need to clear this out that what these accidents mean? Accidents are unplanned events that disrupt activity along with involving and affecting people. Accidents are meant to be coincidental and unexpected, also known as results of careless hurriedness and speedy actions. It’s possible to tell that why an accident happens, especially while driving on highways or main roads.

When we think about the commonly found causalities of accidents around us, we should not judge why and who was responsible for it? Instead, we should focus on how it happened and look for instant help if we come to face one. The most common reasons for accidents on roads are speeding and overtaking.  Hurriedness leads to an unfortunate conclusion and causes damage to one’s life profoundly. It also affects the other party that has become the victim of an accident, accidentally. Even after so much awareness and rule strictness, people still show carelessness over the importance of lives on the roads.

How accidents affect our mental health?

Bumping into something unexpected is surely a pressuring situation for us. Let’s take an example of a family who has just faced a traumatic accident just a while ago. Two kids and their parents have been severely injured and brought to an emergency ward for immediate help. The panic and stress are gushing down their spines of family members, thinking what will happen to their loved ones? Think about the anxiety and depression that they are facing right now? Doesn’t it make you feel sad and worried too? That’s how unfortunate and upsetting accidents are.

Another situation of anxiety is the moment when the car hits and turns drastically, ending up in a damaged state at the corner of the road. The survivor opens eyes, feeling an excruciating pain at some part of the body, trying to adjust senses into the trauma, thinking about what exactly happened. That moment is indefinable as the survivor hangs through his life and death string while trying his best to stay awake. That’s how accidents affect our lives and minds and in a profound and stressful way.

Top 10 causes of road accidents

There are multiple reasons for accidents available around us as we know what exactly causes the car to lose its control. So, to make it brief and straight, we have gathered up some of the most common reasons for accidents down below.

  • Speeding and reckless driving
  • Drunk or intoxicated state driving
  • Breaking the red light rule
  • Raining, snowy, icy, and wet roads
  • Reckless follow up of stop signs
  • Unlicensed driving or young people driving
  • Late-night driving without headlights
  • Overtaking and showing off
  • Un following lane rules
  • Unexpected turns

The list can go on, but it’s essential to know the necessary and compulsory points that can get your concept clear quickly. It means that accidents are not suitable for us and should avoid them at all costs.

What is the anxiety of the accident?

Anxiety means to be called a natural response that our body produces over stress. Fear is a fearful feeling of the future and being scared of what is ahead of us. The survivor goes through these emotions limitlessly while keeping up with his breath and saneness. A small bump into someone while walking carelessly over the street makes a person get shocked and confused instantly. Imagine being on the road with a damaged car above or beside you after a crash on the road? It scares us to our heart’s depths by just thinking about it.

Some of us are strong in our will powers and can tackle the anxiety that we are facing at the exact moment. People with healthy and positive inner strengths help themselves get up and get help wisely. If these accidents happen in a crowded place, it’s easy to get instant help and get out of the worst situation. To get ourselves become safer in any future unexpected accidents, one should stay careful first, or if it still becomes a victim, than the best choice is to handle the situation wisely.

How anxiety affects the survivor?

Now, we are back to the point we mentioned right above the last details because the traumatizing situation and pressuring anxiety at the moment of accident is an attention taking point. So what exactly a car survivor feels? Uneasy? Scared? Panicking? Upset? It all depends on the strength and will power of the survivor. But the most common and vital feeling that every survivor feels is the anxiety of accident as being able to open eyes and see what happened to him brings in more upsetness into the person, stressing him to the depths.

The survivor stays in a state of shock, thinking about what exactly happened to him? If he is the victim, then he will be more traumatized by the situation. If the survivor is the reason for his loss himself, then he will not be as depressed as the victim.

Helpful ways to tackle any accidental situation on the road

One should never worry about finding solutions to the queries, as we are also here to list down some of the helpful and adaptable tips that can help anyone with any unexpected and effecting situation on the roads in the future. Everyone should always stay alert and careful while being on the streets and in a car. Carelessness and hurriedness lead to disappointments; this statement should forever wait inside the heads of people every minute while driving.

  • If you are a survivor, make sure you grab your cell first and call the emergency number and crawl away from the scene as far as you can. If the accident has occurred in a crowded place, you will get help immediately, but to keep it sure, take your safety measures first. If you are one of the accident’s out lookers, run and bring out the person injured to a safe place and call for help.
  • Lookout for any personal belongings of the survivor and save them. Call the emergency number and help the injured person get to his senses. Look out for his injuries and try to stop the bleeding. If he is not breathing, do CPR. Provide him water and make sure he is sane until the help arrives.
  • First of all, always keep your license and ID card with you every time you drive. Following these essential documents will help you get saved and identified in any unexpected situation quickly and easily. Auto insurance, registration, and your leasing agent’s name should also be kept in your car dash for future easiness.
  •  Do not drive an unsafe or unregistered car. If you own a car, make sure it’s emergency ready, and you have an emergency bag set up in your vehicle. If your vehicle is more advanced, you can get it set with auto sensors and damage proof glass for future safety reasons.

Dealing with accidents is better than anxiety

Whether you are a survivor of an accident witness, you should always stay prepared for what can come ahead of you. It may not seem important now, but once you have seen and felt the pain and sadness of being hurt among the accident scene, you will never show carelessness inside your car. Bring out more word for road safety wherever you go no matter how much strictness is there in your area. Road safety promotion is a must, and to alert everyone from any sudden mishappenings, its best to advertise safety words all over the highways and main roads along with security checking cameras everywhere. Thanks to our modern scientific technology, we can now depend on road safety installations in day and night time comfortably. Make sure not to let a bad situation turn out worst and stay away from uninsured motorists out there.

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