Uninvited Accidents; Coping after a traumatic event

by Ahsan Sohail
Uninvited Accidents; Coping after a traumatic event

We often believe that once an accident happens, our life will bring in new twists and turns into our experience along with our personality. Accidents do tend to make our life different in perspective, but how it affects our physical and mental health, it depends on the trauma impact on our inner self. We all know what accidents mean. They are situations that come into our lives uninvited. They are unpredictable and sudden and do not leave a good impact on our mental health especially. Of course, not every accident is good nor bad as it depends during the time and situation in which it occurs.  

How can one understand what accidents mean in their lives? Why they have occurred, and for what purpose do they affect us profoundly? What kinds of accidents are possible to are seen in one’s life? We can come up with multiple questions related to this subject. So, to understand it better, let’s look at some more details related to sudden and traumatic accidents of our lives.

What are the uninvited accidents? How do they affect us?

Generally, we consider accidents as in road accidents or a sudden incident in an activity that brings in expectedly huge traumas into our lives. No one can predict when and where something can happen to them unless they are involved in such a situation that can bring out a sudden incident at any time. For example, people who deal in racing sports or love to participate in some of them are the most common victims of facing accidents. Any activity related to vehicles is expected to be the most commonly found reason among us.

No one appreciates Uninvited incidents. They happen suddenly and affect our bodies and minds profoundly. One can go for a long drive at night and face an unexpected turn of the event by crashing into a speeding car at a corner, just in a gist. Even a small bump into someone while having a regular walk makes us shocked and angry quickly. So consider facing a massive crash in a blink of an eye unexpectedly, and it will scare you to depth. People with strong wills and inner strength usually cope up with these situations bravely. They know how to contact help and help themselves if injured. But it’s expected that most of us are not brave enough to handle life like this on our own.

When to expect traumatic accidents the most?

You can look up some of the casually found accidents’ reasons by searching through the web, or you can look at the ones which we have combined all together in the details below. Accidents that can be small yet traumatic found in our environment, and some may be huge, but they do not affect the survivor’s life at a massive scale.

  • Car racing accidents or speeding cars on highways
  • Biking activities like sports or freestyle biking on main roads
  • Overtaking or sudden wrong turns during the drive
  • Stopping right in the middle of traffic
  • Driving in wet weather, or damp road
  • Snowfall roads
  • Lane switching in the middle of a busy road
  • Taking shortcuts through dangerous routes

All of these accidents are expected the most on the life of ways. No matter how much security or rules are present over traffic time; people are still neglecting theirs and other life importance.

How the effects of accidents differ?

As we mentioned before, the effects of accidents do not apply to everyone in the same manner. It depends on how much severe or uncomplicated the accident is, but if it occurs at a sensitive or tough time of anyone’s life, it leaves an impact on the survivor’s mind. Let us take an example of an accident that occurs while someone who is making life for granted and spending his every minute in carelessness. He faces a disastrous accident while speeding drunk at night. Fortunately, he survives the accident and lays in his hospital bed, thinking about the trauma. How will he cope up with this situation? The answer is that he will consider this a sign from nature. He will come to realize how important his life is, and it can be taken away from him at any second. This accident will change his life forever.    

The second example consists of a person who has been going through a rough time, dealing with emotional discomfort and satisfaction.  He abandons hope and wishes to fade away in the darkness. Coincidentally, he comes across an unexpected accident with no participation in it and falls severely injured. He feels his wish is granted, but he survives. At first, the person will count it as bad luck because he wanted this himself, but soon he will come to realize that this was a lesson for him to understand what he was asking for. Following the results of these examples, we can appreciate that coping after a traumatic accident surely differs from person to its reason.

Useful ways to cope up with traumatic accidents

It’s not simple dealing with traumatic accidents, primarily when they affect your life to its core. Accidents happen for a reason and dealing with them take a lot of strength and will power. If the survivor is willing, he can tackle any situation bravely. All it needs is some positivity and appreciation in his life to stay active and work on his recovery. Following are some easy steps to follow while dealing with any traumatic accident. Make sure you consider these steps as information and a little advice. These statements are not associated with any medical guidance or support.

  • Give time to yourself: While facing an accident, you can easily fall into wrong intentions or conclusions, turning your mental health into a disaster. You need to give yourself time to adjust and accept what happened. Whatever you have lost or hurt will recover over time. A loss of life may not be easy to cope up with but keeping your emotions secure and learning to live with truth will help you move on in life. If you have hurt yourself badly, make sure you stand again on your feet, emotionally and physically, no matter what.
  • Find out what went wrong: Bringing yourself to conclusions without any official proof will make you deluded and hopeless. If you already know why you faced this trauma, its best to start looking out for better choices and decisions in life. 98% of traumatic accidents happen due to wrong choices in our life, whether they are physical or mental. One should always keep his options open or know the difference between right and wrong.
  • You are not the only one: Every 5th person is a victim of some traumatic accident in any possible way. Traumas don’t wait or welcome anyone before happening, that’s why one should never expect to be the most hurt and injured in any case. Surely, what happened was tragic and heartbreaking, but this should not delude you to thinking that your situation is worst. There are millions of people out there who are facing many worst traumas this very minute.
  • Look out for positive support: Surrounding yourself with positivity is the best step towards emotional and physical healing. Keep yourself surrounded by love and affection from your family and friends to keep you happy and motivated. At first, you may feel a little bothered by it, but it will start showing itself as the most helpful tool for your recovery.
  • Change your routine: If trauma has brought change or conclusion into your life, make it a handy tool and change your life pattern if you were looking for an answer before the accident, look out for it again because of its a solution to your search.

Changes bring happiness not stress

Accidents bring change to one’s life. People tend to take several different meanings of an accident in their lives, some take it personally well, and some make it extremely hard. However, collisions should be considered a lesson and a turn towards a change that can help them cope with the many difficulties they have. The move is never wrong if it’s taken and applied positively. It takes time adjusting our mind to it but surely it works out in the end. We should always stay ready for changes in life because who would want a dull and boring life going on for a long time? If you come across such change in life, adapt it with open arms and believe in it because it will happen for a reason and you will no doubt it until you see the results.

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