Skin Beauty: Peeling Skin on Hands and Feet

by Ahsan Sohail
Skin Beauty: Peeling Skin on Hands and Feet

Who doesn’t love being noticed by the people around them? Especially when it comes to outer beauty, females take the first place in this category. Keeping ourselves vibrant and attractive is not something unusual to experience, along with giving ourselves self-importance. Looking after our hair, skin, hands, feet and face is something everyone loves and wants to do nowadays. In this world, where outer beauty and looks take the highest place of trends, everyone wants to stay up to date with the latest fashions and trends related to this field.

Keeping ourselves well maintained and classy is no big deal. There are millions of ideas and ways to look after ourselves daily. One of the most commonly found categories of beauty care is our hands and feet. These two body parts are considered to be used the most while living our everyday life. They face millions of germs, dirt and bacteria every day. They are our primary source of healthy and unhealthy lifestyle which concerns our cleanliness priorities a lot.

Why hands and feet prefer more cleanliness and care?

Looking after our hands and feet is different and keeping them clean and safe from harm is another. It’s doubtful to stay unclean even after a regular hand wash or having a manicure-pedicure session. Using functional and healthy products also work best in keeping our hands vibrant and attractive. But do we know why these body parts need the most concern after face care?

As mentioned before, our hands and feet come across millions of bacteria and germs throughout our touch activities. It concludes the fact that harmful diseases and allergies can be transferred to us or go inside us smoothly through them. Washing them with antibacterial soaps and gel washes can easily prevent problems on our hands and feet. The skin on our hands and feet is also sensitive and open to damage easily. Using rough and hard objects on them or with them can also bring a lot of harm to them. It brings us to our answer that hands and feet need to be given attention on an everyday basis.

What else harms our hands and feet?

Other than outer problems, there can be many other inner problems with these body parts. The skin on our hands and feet is damaged to a level where we get rashes, burns, cuts or dryness quickly. Some may include skin infections or diseases that can affect our hand and feet functioning actively. Pain in skin, peeling skin, dryness and itching are some of the most commonly found problems among people. One of the most common issues is peeling skin on hands and feet. When and why this problem happens? The answer can be read in the statements down below.

Causes and symptoms of peeling skin

Our skin is naturally exposed to elements present in the air around us. They can easily harm or irritate our skin on feet and hands easily.  Sunlight, wind, dryness, heat and extreme humidity cause damage and discomfort to our skin quickly. Due to sheer face off with these reasons, our skin ends up drying and peeling due to excessive itching on it. Babies that are born after their due date also come to face some harmless skin peeling phase too.

Peeling skin has multiple causes to it other than the above sources. They include allergic reactions, infections, a disorder of the immune system, cancer or its treatment or genetic disease. Skin also has its downside effects with having conditions like dry skin, jock itch, hyperhidrosis, etc. skin peels of when something is wrong with the topmost layer of skin. Our skin has seven inner layers that protect our internal muscle from outer harm. And if there is something wrong with our emotional health or we catch up something contagious through our hands and feet, it ends up peeling and shredding our skin badly.

How peeling skin effects our hand and foot functioning?

Even a single blister at the side of a nail can irritate our whole day, distracting us from our tasks. Imagine having your skin peeled all day time to time on hands and feet, making it impossible to wear anything on them. It affects our winter clothing a lot when we have to cover them the most. Peeling skin can rather be uncomfortable or too irritating, as having skin peeling off from your body every day and not being able to wear something on them is a vast depression itself. This problem also limits our hand and foot usage to the highest level.

Some people cannot use water too much, or it will make their skin more dry and itchy while some people cannot use any artificial or chemical-based products on them due to extreme reaction. Hands and feet are the essential tools for our day to day tasks. If we have to deal with skin peeling off of them all the time, it will distress us and make us cranky all the time. Also, it will affect our social life more as we will become a reason for attention while not looking so attractive from our hands and feet.

How women cope with peeling skin?

Most skin problems happen in females due to extreme chemical use. Ladies with a life full of glamour and makeup are generally found problematic and upset due to adverse skin problems. Excessive use of durable and long-lasting products affects our skin deeply. But as technology has made itself trustable over the last few years, women have more belief in their skin products now. Indeed, the best products for our skin are undoubtedly the best there can be. They show excellent results in keeping our skin perfect and healthy.

But some products are not so skin-friendly in matters of skincare. Just for the sake of business and profit, companies are using fake advertisement strategies and users’ weakness to get their product sold at higher rates and demands. These mishaps are affecting our hands and feet more than scrubbing them with an edgy scrubber. Females that are in the habit of keeping themselves proper know what they are using and buying. It’s also important to understand what you need and how you can get it to prevent any skin problem.

How to take care of our hands and feet?

To get those peeling skin on hands and feet cured, it’s a must to look after them daily. Just washing and applying a moisturizer is not enough for our skin at these places. We can apply multiple security procedures throughout our busy routines that are expectedly less time taking and comfortable to use. Let’s looks at some easy and adaptable steps to make our skin healthy and peel-free all the time.

  • Wash your hands and feet regularly. Never leave them dry for after a liquid encounter and use chemical-free moisturizer cream or lotion at least two times a day.
  • Keep a thorough check of your skin colour and any spots on it. Nails are also crucial for skin heath on hands and feet.  To keep a thorough examination on nails and their appearance is important too. If you find something unusually wrong with the texture of your nails or see any dark spots, consult your doctor immediately.
  • Have some manicure and pedicure sessions at least once in two weeks to get that dirt out of your hands and feet. You never know what hides inside your skin pores, lines and nails
  • Do not use any reliable base scrubber or edgy objects to cut or peel your dry skin. If you have a dryness patch or a skin bubble popping out of the skin base, do not try to reduce or remove it as it can be dangerous for skin. Using scratch able objects on the skin can cause infection and rashes instantly. Dip your hands in pure water or apply a skin-friendly medicated cream to prevent any skin problem.
  • If your hands and feet have dark skin, do not take it as a skin problem or cleanliness issue. They may seem dirty, but they are not unhealthy, so do not try to scrub away your skin harshly and try to look for solution properly by searching or consulting medical help.
  • If your work demands liquid-based interactions with hands and feet, make sure you do not make them more soft and greasy, or they will be easily damaged. Skin of soft hands and feet peel easily if kept moist for too long. Dry your hands and feet regularly and keep them in the open air without wearing something tight.

Taking care of ourselves is never hard until one thinks it is. Our hands and feet complete us and our life with multi-functioning purposes. So we should never take them for granted and try our best to keep the skin over them intact for a long time.

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