Effective Tips to Keep Our Hands & Feet Beautiful and Active

by Ahsan Sohail
Effective Tips to Keep Our Hands & Feet Beautiful and Active

Our body is an open canvas that can be painted into several colors of changes and textures of life. People tend to look out for their bodies in different manners. Every other person has a different point and perspective related to taking care of their bodies. Some like it soft and easy-going life full of space and adjustment and some want extreme challenges in front of them on a daily basis. Staying strong and healthy has a different definition in every individual’s opinion that’s why one can never give a solid and correct definition of being healthy.

When we talk about body care, the most common body parts that are taken care of by millions of people normally are the hands and feet. Both work side by side performing hundreds of actions every day to support our body functioning. Many of us are regular in taking attentive care of them on a regular basis and many also don’t have time and management to look after these two body parts. So why these two actually need so much attention? Let’s look at some important points related to hands and feet functioning down below.

How Hands & Feet Function Through Our Body

Just like every other body part, hands and feet function accordingly. Their main purpose is to serve our day to day tasks without any interruption. We use our hands to push, pull, catch, slide, hold, point and several other gestures to make them function properly. Feet also consist of functions that are extremely helpful in our regular body chores like stepping, running, hopping, jumping, standing, sitting, etc. Both of these parts are magnificently designed to move and work.  The joint system at the edge of both parts works in a significant form which allows both of the sets to work in sync.

Hands: Learning about hands and feet from books may only teach you how to dissect it rather than using them and functioning them yourself, learning miracles about them. Multiple medial institutes and universities have created virtual and realistic examples to learn our body structure layer by layer amazingly. Our hands are one of the most difficult and amazing pieces of natural engineering in our bodies. It consists of powerful Grip but it also allows us to use small objects with great accuracy.  

Feet: The same is the case with our feet. The critically designed structures of our feet are made to balance the body into perfect movements along with any extra stretching and flexible movements with critical balancing. No wonder gymnastics look so easy with perfect balancing feet.

Specialties of Feet and Hands

Thumbs and fingers: Nobody will be able to guess easily if they are asked which is the most important part of hands?. Well, basically our thumbs make it possible to use our hand’s parts perfectly. Undoubtedly, thumbs account for 40% of our hands’ capabilities and shockingly if one loses one in an accident, surgeons will gladly cut one big toe and stitch it on the lost thumb area to create a new one. It will be a decision of sacrifice for losing one toe for the greater good. Other than a thumb, the second most important part is the index finger, with the least convenience for hand functioning.

A second most important part of our hand is the pinky finger at the end because this finger allows the hand to balance and hold the objects properly. Most people think that this finger is the least important on hand but it will be a shock to know that this fact can be applied at the index finger of our hands. Usually, this finger is the least important finger to leave an impact on our hands if lost.

Skin: The next most interesting feature of our hands is the skin at the tips of our fingers. Basically, this part of the finger is responsible for detecting all kinds of sensations for the hand. This part consists of several nerves connected all together at one place protected with this hard layer of skin like a cushion. This skin consists of four types that help respond to light and deep pressure, touch, pain, and temperature.

Nails: Nails are also considered an important part of our fingers. We will never know how much pressure we need to use or how much we are using if nails are not there. They detect the pressure level in our fingers, making it easy for us to use strength accordingly.

Strength and force: Our legs play a prominent role in our day to day movements. They need to be strong and dependable to deal with strength and force related activities.But they are not limited to only these types of movements. Our legs balance our body from the hardest run lap to the softest ballerina movements. Truly, it’s because of our feet that we have some greatly evolved hands attached to our arms.

The skin of our feet is hard and strong. The lowest point of feet is capable of balancing our whole body while jumping, standing and leaping with an effect of bubble wrap that helps bounce the body. It’s best to choose some barefoot running activities to keep them functioning properly rather than using hard sole or soft padded shoes which affect them hardly.

Beautiful and active together

Using our hands and feet for movements is one thing, and looking after their outer look is another. For females, these hands and feet work as a beauty prominence first. They tend to look after them as a sign of their attraction and keep their activities filled with saloon visits for manicures and pedicures. It’s not bad to look after them outwardly but to fulfill both purposes of keeping beautiful and active, some of the resulting and fast effecting tips are listed down to achieve these two goals together.

  • Look after your hygiene. Wash your hands and feet regularly with clean water and hand soap or liquid. Stay concerned while being in contact with water or your skin will squeeze itself, making hands dry and stretchy. Uncomfortable skin irritates the movements causing an interruption in regular activities. So make sure to apply moisturizer on them after every water contact. Massage your hands and feet regularly so the blow flow keeps its pace making them look beautiful and function properly.
  • Keep a schedule for applications. Use the morning and night time regularly to apply your creams and moisturizers on your hands and feet. Try to do some minor exercises along with some outer beauty to relax the joints and muscles. Circular motions exercises work best with blood flow, releasing the tension from muscle and relaxing it further.
  • Do not use extra cold or extra hot water over your skin. Extreme temperatures tend to damage the top skin layer, causing dryness and rashes over the top of the skin. Always use lukewarm water to wash your hands and feet. Also, you can extend your time with this temperature to stay in the water and it will not hurt your skin. In fact, it will be a great source to relax your bones and joints, causing them to soften and make them flexible.
  • Take a trip to the salon every now and then. Hand and foot spas are in extreme trend now and reaching them is no issue. Durable and affordable packages are available to get professional massages and treatments that will not only beautify your hands and feet but will also enable them to function in the best manner.
  • Make sure you are protecting them in extreme weather too. Weather affects our hands and feet on a higher level. The more visible they are to the heat and cold, the more functioning will be disturbed. Make sure to wear hand gloves in both extreme heat. Covered sandals for winter keep the skin of feet safe and warm boots won’t let your feet go numb in snow.
  • Don’t look for useless reasons for not exercising. Warming up your body before exercise helps effect it better while heat helps flush out more toxins in form of sweat so keep up the routine of exercising for good and mobile hands and feet in all weathers.

Make it easy for yourselves

No one is forced into looking after themselves until they realize it. Forcing someone never helps so its best to provide examples and advice as we did in the above points so that it can easily motivate the reader to perform the action. We also don’t need to be reminded repeatedly about the importance of our hands and feet because we know we need them on a daily basis. That’s why it’s very important to look after them regularly. If we wish to stay active and independent until we get older, its best to start working on our limbs from the moment we realize their importance.

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