10 Easy Steps to Keep Our Body Completely Clean

by Ahsan Sohail
10 Easy Steps to Keep Our Body Completely Clean

Looking after our bodies is one of the most important tasks to do in our daily routine. It may feel like a long and time taking task but in reality, it’s as easy as taking a simple bath. All it depends on what kind of bath we take every day. Even taking a bath has its own strategically aligned phases, which have been evolved by our modernized and cleanliness conscious society. Surely, our body is an open canvas that invites itself into several colors, some pretty and some messy.  That’s why we need to make sure that we are noticing our body priorities along with other day to day casualties.

Body cleanliness; what is it and why we need it?

It’s really easy to notice any minor changes found on our bodies. Any kind of dirt, stain, or other skin problem can easily be detected if one looks after himself consciously and only daily basis. Generally, cleanliness means having no dirt, dust, stains, or smells around or over the body. Being completely clean means our body is safe and protected from any source of getting dirty. Body cleaning includes several types of procedures which will be further mentioned in the details below.

Taking a bath is one thing but completely cleaning our body means including some more procedures into your bath routine.  And why we need to add these procedures into our bath routine? Because if we really wish to live an active and disease-free lie, we need to stay alert during our cleaning habit applications. They may be small and quick, but they are very important in terms of hygiene consciousness.

Procedures that need to be included in our bath routine

If you wish to get yourself a complete cleaning routine at your own home, you are advised to look out for the following steps which will help you get to know your body more in a positive way. Let’s look at some important solutions that, if included in our cleanliness routine, will benefit us and our body more than anything we apply on ourselves.

  1. Cleaning our body curves thoroughly: Usually, when we take a bath, especially when we are in a hurry, we tend to miss out on our body curves and wash up carelessly. This makes the dirt pile up between our curves, allowing them to create rashes and pimples in them. That’s why it’s best to pull up your skin from the bulge area and scrub your skin thoroughly. Not only will it protect your skin from rashes but it also won’t let your skin get dark inside the bulge.
  2. Washing inner parts of body attentively: Body areas that get left behind in hurriedness are a major no-no for our health sake. Caring less about those parts bring in new diseases and skin issues that one finds it disturbing to take care of. It’s best to stay attentive while scrubbing your body so that you don’t miss an inch. 
  3. Private parts and their careful cleaning: We all know how important our private parts cleaning is to us. Filth and bacteria are easily reachable through them which is why it’s utmost important to give a few minutes to clean them with skin-friendly soap or body wash. If you recommend more nature-friendly and less chemical-based products, many of these are specially designed for their cleaning. You can easily get your hands on these products from any local or supermarket.
  4. Nails’ scrubbing and washing deeper parts of the body: Nails are also an essential part of our outer body features. They can easily pile and store bacteria and filth into their curves that can easily enter our body through mouth and skin contact. So in order to stay away from any troubling health issue, make sure to reach these areas by scrubbing them with a soft brush and going deep into areas like finger insides and foot toes’ inner areas too. These are hidden areas that do not come in contact with our touch. That’s is why its necessary to be notified of these areas every time during bathing.
  5. Washing and drying the body properly: Whenever you come in contact with water, make sure you dry your skin properly and apply moisturizers so that your skin will not turn dry. Skin pores are easily damaged if left unattended and dry. No matter how many times you use water on your body, make sure you use these moisturizing lotions and creams at least two times a day to prevent bad skin.
  6. Shampooing and conditioning: Using these two products is highly common among the individuals but many of us still just complete our bath with less concern. Hairs on our head are also one of the attention taking parts of our body. Our hair protects our head from multiple problems, keeping our brain all cozy and warm. Dirt and lice easily get piled up into their roots which is why their scalp needs to be attentively washed and cleaned at least 3-4  times in a week. Using the right type of shampoo and conditioners that match your hair type is also very important.
  7. Using the right product in the right place: Make sure about which products you prefer for your body cleaning. Even daily use soap is important to pick while shopping at a mart. These small concerns matter a lot in taking care of your body. Also, it’s important to use the right product in the right place. Using strong and scented products over sensitive places damage the skin a lot, making it uncomfortable to move during work time. Hard skin and soft skin is distributed among our bodies and hundreds of products with their description are available throughout the markets. So make sure that you know your skin well before choosing them.
  8. Know your reasons for being dirty: We often believe that sweat and dirt are commonly found reasons to clean ourselves.bt no, there are more reasons to just cleaning out the dirt on our body. Our body filth depends on our body usage. Working out, exercising and running activities bring out more sweat and stains along with bad odors. While working over daily chores and work activities make your skin dirty with dust and dirt. Always make sure you are having the right bath for yourself. Whether a quick shower is just needed or you need to soak yourself completely into a bathtub first.
  9. Cleaning insides of outer parts: Examples for this type of cleaning are ears, nose, mouth, belly button, private inner parts, underarms, inside nails and teeth. All of these categories require some deep inside cleaning as these areas may seem to be inside the body but are still visible to outside filth. Flossing and mouthwash are best for oral hygiene. Manicures and pedicures help go inside the nails and clean them properly. Private parts cleaning must contain soft and easy cleaning to keep them safe from any damage. Nose and ear cleaning must be done carefully too with the water inlet and scrubbing with moist products e.g. oils.
  10.  Know your body: We all have different types of skin layered at top of our body. Dry, oily, normal, combinational oily and dry, etc. We should always keep this in mind while shopping for some scrubbing essentials for ourselves. Also, it’s important to choose them according to weather conditions around us too. This affects our skin after taking a bath or washing in a daily routine. Summers bring in more oil-free demands of skin and winters tend to demand more moisturizers. So act wisely while choosing some products for yourself.

Love yourself first then love something else

Cleanliness must be listed as a significant part of your life on a daily basis. Because one can imagine a long and healthful life without hesitation and can do whatever he wants. It’s not something difficult or unachievable that can distract you from your life goals. Cleaning yourself is just a small yet prioritized action that must be well attended while being performed. One can always find multiple ways and solutions to look out for their hygiene through a web search and daily life knowledge.  Health institutes also promote a clean and hygienic lifestyle through several promotional events. That’s why one can always stay alert through these events along with being notified through screen entertainment. Normally, this alert is not something that one needs to get on-demand as it’s a normal priority that is followed by every other person out there. So get up and grab yourself some nice and self-loving products that will motivate you to look after yourself and your body more attentively.

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