Backbone Health: How to Deal with Constant Back Pain

by Ahsan Sohail
Backbone Health: How to Deal with Constant Back Pain

We deal with our body and body-related tasks and issues on a daily basis. No one in the world is free from any physically related issue or problem, no matter what condition. Even if we make two people stand together and ask them to talk to each other about their normal life, they will eventually turn up to discuss their health-related topics that will include their concerns related to their bodies. Our body is the most prominent image of our sight that stays within our notice reach till our eyes close forever.

No matter how much we ignore or not care, we will still end up identifying the problem through different sources in our body because both problems will be coming from the same source. That is why it’s important to keep an all-time revision check of our body so that we don’t miss out on minor changes and issues in our physique.

What is the most common issue of our bodies?

Normally, when we sit and discuss which problem is supposed to be rated as the most commonly found among all individuals, it will be The Back Bone Problem. Our backbone, also known as the spine, is our body’s central support system. It’s the main source of our body to stand up straight and keep us upright. It’s a pillar that has to stay stiff and strong to keep our body standing and in shape. Our spine is connected to all other parts of our body and is flexible enough to interact with other bones with the help of spinal disks and ligaments.

Our backbone works miracles if it’s kept in the notice and taken care of casually. But it’s a rare case to see someone not complaining about their backbone all the time. Spinal problems usually occurred while reaching your mid-thirties but it’s now more common among the adults of mid-twenties too. Facts and reasons go a long way for this problem so let’s look at some basic issues that concern our back health the most.

Problems with our backbone

When we talk about backbone damage, we do not intend to mention any accidental events or physical injury details because these events are time-based and occur mostly while facing a traumatic experience. We are discussing how our major everyday tasks or hobbies can affect the health of our backbone. Eventually, after some constant careless activities, our bone faces problems like posture disturbance, disk problems like ruptured, bulging disks, arthritis, etc. The list goes on as many of us are facing backbone issues due to several new reasons too nowadays.

Why we get back pains so often?

It’s nothing new to come across a back pain patient as their reasons are very commonly found among people. To look further into these reasons, some of them are as follows:

  1. Muscle sprain and strain because of lifting heavy objects or lifting something and having a twist.
  2. The sudden movement and pressure in the bone
  3. Bad posture
  4. Sports and games injuries especially that include using and lifting heavy objects

We can found some more reasons related to back pain but surely the above details are the most agreed reasons that are responsible for back pain.

How to cure constant back pain?

Undoubtedly, the most responsible reasons for our back pains are constant focus on our screens and staying in one place almost all the time. Mobile and laptop postures have put our backs into so much strain that our vital points become stiff while staying in one and wrong position. That leads to having a strain or pain at a specific area at the back. Mostly, the top of the lowest point of our back presents the most common pains in everyone. It’s very common to hear a younger person complaining about a back pan other than old people.

So in order to get some solutions sorted out for these pains, we have listed down some of the easiest tactics to apply in our lives if we wish to stay in posture and pain-free for a long time.

  • Care at home:  The very first step to cure your self is to do it at home, where you feel safest. Make sure you put less strain on your body than usual and icing up the painful areas regularly every day. Recommended advice is to ice your painful areas for at least 2-3 days and then apply heat. Find the source of pain within your limited activities and surely you will find it easily. If your work recommends sitting more often, then get up every half to one hour to stretch and ease up your back. Use a back support in your sitting zone to keep your posture in place. Massage your muscles with little oil at hand even for few minutes and it will let the strain on your joints loosen up. Also, keep a back massager stick that reaches your whole back and rub it all over to relax the skin and nerves at the back.
  • Medically treating yourself:  Normally, low back pain occurs along with conditions like muscle strain and weakness, pinched nerves and spinal cord misalignment. So in order to cure these serious pains, make sure you consult your doctor before applying or taking any medication on your own. Pain killers for body pains are easily available around pharmacies and drug stores. Or you can take an online health guide from medical articles along with physical exercises that help ease the pain.
  • Exercises: The easiest solution to apply on your back is to make them move. Constant posture with no mobility dries the bones, causing them to contract together with discomfort and stretch. Below is some easy exercise to help you get rid of irritating strains back quickly.
  • Stretch yourself on your toes in the top direction with your arms up for a complete body stretch for 5 seconds. It will help ease up your whole body along with straightening your back.
  • Twist your waist with arms swinging left and right while staying stiff in one place. It will give a good stretch to your inner waist area and help it loosen up.
  • Move your shoulders in circular motions counter and counter-clockwise to ease up shoulders.
  • Hold your head from one side and pull it towards shoulder softly to loosen up neck strain. Do it on both sides at least 5-6 times. Move your neck back and forth, left and right a couple of times to complete the neck exercise.
  • Move up and down without moving your lower body along with hands at top of your head. This will help giving space to back and support it to move freely in one place.

Make sure that while doing all these exercises, your breathing is balanced and you perform these exercises with the small count. If you are a complete beginner to exercise, take it very slow and if you are used to moving around more often, you can speed up your count every two days. It’s important to keep them working on a regular basis if you want to stay flexible and pain-free always.

Solutions are right in the corner of our concerns

Let’s keep this strictly in mind that our backbone is the main support to our body. If it’s damaged or stretched, the whole body will be affected and function badly. People with more health concerns always keep a thorough check of their health, both inner and outer forms. But still, we find several careless individuals that do not tend to pay attention to their bodies until pain or problem pops out. One must always keep a thorough schedule full of activities and healthy hobbies so that he never has to face any kind of big or small issue.

It’s never difficult to find solutions for our personal problems on this day. Today, we are able to find every grain of solutions and results at the distance of our fingertips. One can always look out for problems and their solutions throughout web search and libraries. Generally, medical institutes and health support communities keep working on their promotional events and camps to promote positive health concerns among busy people. That’s why it’s best to always keep an open option for new things in life, especially if they are related to your health.

Relive your worries along with back pain

Spreading a good word is always helpful. And that is why we suggest humbly to stay healthy and happy along with relieving your back pain. In fact, it will be automatically cured once you come to know the importance of a healthy body and you will be sure to keep yourself in check of any health issues n coming future. So stay healthy and be happy!

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