Why is My Sciatica Not Going Away? Sciatica Answers

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why is my sciatica not going away

Sciatica is a condition where our backbone starts hurting from its bottom towards the back of the thigh and then goes straight to knee. This pain is originally a part of the backbone’s edge that starts to hurt when someone pushes the limit of tiredness and strength of that bone, and it ends up getting hurt. Scientifically it has a lot of causes that go in in-depth detail and make our brains beat a little so let’s stick to easy yet adaptable information. Sciatica has lots of reasons, and the most common ones are heavy lifting and long term sitting tasks like driving. 

Most people face sciatica for a specific time limit where they have never felt the pain before and start to experience it; that’s why it’s easy for them to get rid of it naturally or with the help of some pain killers, stretch and rest. On the other hand, some other that have backbone issues for some time may seem to be open to sciatica much easily and treating their sciatica may become a little hard for them.

Sciatica and our daily life

Who doesn’t complain about back issues nowadays? Everyone seems to be having this problem quite often due to multiple reasons. Why is that so? We know you know the answer, but still, we will make it clear. Constant sitting and extra pressure over the brain and body is making us weaker to physical diseases and problems. 

Sciatica surely is one of them because our backbone is the source of physical strength and balance, and it’s getting damaged due to still and wrong posture even while standing and moving. Office work, pregnancy, driving big vehicles for a long time, weight gain, bad diet, exercise with wrong body form and weight lifting are the causes listed for sciatica’s possibility.

Every fourth person is having backbone issues nowadays, and sciatica is known as the common one among them. People who live an active and healthy lifestyle can be sure of not facing any serious problems related to their backbones but for people who work on chairs may have to face backbone problems, sciatica to be exact, somewhere in their lives.

What happens when sciatica stays?

Imagine yourself sitting doing your work continuously until a sharp pain tickles your buttock and you jump a little from your feet. You understand you have tired up your hips and now they are screaming for some rest, but work needs to finish and you stay at your spot while ignoring the small ongoing pains until you realize you have made it worse. The pain gets hard and sharp and doesn’t let you sleep all night. If you treat it the moment it starts, it doesn’t get worse, but you reached the limit, and now it’s a problem.

Worst case scenario for sciatica isn’t that bad as everyone says it is as sciatica occurs from specific movements that trigger the nerve tensions causing them to create a pain circle between knee and hip. 

Why sciatica gets worse?

What exactly makes sciatica worse? Why is my sciatica not going away? Of course, the answer is sitting for too long, along with pain in the hip and ignoring it and focusing on work more than your body and giving away your strength in lifting things than resting. 

Pregnant women also complain about sciatica issues after delivery or in between pregnancy, but they recover from the pain with time with a little care and exercise.  

Physiotherapists always recommend to instantly taking action when the pain starts, which is to get up and take a walk or massage the area to get rid of numbness and relax the muscle. For most people, the problem gets solved naturally, but for some, it needs to cure through medication, surgery or instant cure injections.

What to expect from a sciatica patient?

If you are a patient of some backbone issues, you may know the drawbacks of body functioning when you face a backbone problem. You are not able to bend or get up as freely as you please or push or pull with full strength. You may have walking issues and can’t walk or run for too long, and you can’t lift heavy items either. After that, if you develop sciatica, you may have to quit some of the tasks to look after your health first. When someone becomes a sciatica patient, he or she needs to look after his pain issues first and concentrate on other things later. 

Our body has a unique ability to heal itself if the person’s immune system is strong enough to produce recovery cells instantly and powerfully. Any problem that starts for the person may get better over time due to healthy immunity, but people who are not good with health cases may face more health issues than others, just like sciatica.

What to do with sciatica?

Treating sciatica is no big deal only if the person takes care of the treatment steps carefully. One should never stay n a place for too long neither should lift something that is above his strength level. Eat healthy meals and create a proper diet plan for yourself. Add in exercises and stretches that keep the bone in shape and fine if your work constantly demands on place work. Always take breaks from work no matter how difficult or time taking the task is for job requirements. 

Stretch and massage regularly after finishing the tasks, especially before bed, relax your whole body and lay on a flat or firm surface to keep the body alignment in shape. Treating small or large physical problems is never tricky if one performs them regularly and carefully.

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