How Nails Effect Our Health? Causes, Remedies, and Solutions

by Ahsan Sohail
How Nails Effect Our Health? Causes, Remedies, and Solutions

Nails are considered to be the signals of any new changes in our health. Because a slight change in their appearance can easily apply that something is wrong with our body. Nails are meant to be and stay beautiful and clean. They are present at the tip of our fingers in a form of extra bone and only bone outside our body. These small bones complete the purpose of our hands and nails functions along with giving a good sense of pressure while using them anywhere.

Reading signs through nails related to health is definitely an art. Because a slight color change or redness at the side of the nail can easily detect a problem inside our body. Actually, our nails are interlinked with our inner body parts like lungs, liver, and heart that automatically send a sign to our nails when there is a problem. Furthermore, our nails are also very open to bacteria and diseases and can carry them without a hassle into our bodies. Nails surely play an important role while dealing with health problems. Let’s look at some more details related to nail hygiene and health.

Different types of nails and their causes:

Brittle nails: Nails that are rough, split, and also get cracked easily are one of the most common problems found in every third person. They are known as Brittle Nails and this issue is highly found in women. Its cause of presence is constant drying and wetting your fingernails. This problem occurs while having chores that include water or a job that consists of much liquid usage.

Soft nails:  Too much exposure to liquids moisture or chemicals causes our nails to get soft and break easily. People with liquid-based jobs mostly have these types of nails and they are not able to outgrow their nails very often. If their nails grow, they would rather get bent or break with a small jerk.

Peeling nails: Nails that face lots of scratching and peeling above the surface become damaged and bumpy. These nails are caused by constant nail polish scratching or long term manicures in water that makes the nail itself peel naturally. Usually peeling nails also have an internal cause so it’s not necessary that only outer reasons are responsible for peeling nails.

Nails with ridges: Nails with little horizontal or vertical waves in our fingernails are called ridge nails. Vertical ridges accompany us naturally and later in life and are safe if they do not carry any symptoms of changing color or deformation. But on the other hand, the horizontal ones are a sign of much more serious symptom.

Color changing nails: These types of nails are highly common that normally have causes like infection or a reaction from a product applied on to the nails or something used with the help of your fingers. Pale or yellow nails are after-effects of unhealthy hygiene and reaction to a chemical product where nails have been used or dipped in.

Black lines in nails: Nails that face a trauma like being hit in a door or hard surface, causing the blood to clot underneath the nail and creating black patches or lines inside it are also very commonly found.

White spots on nails: Spots present on our nails in white color are the most common type of nails. They are caused by zinc deficiency in the body around middle school age. Other than this re+ason, others may include an injury or infection in the nail.

(The above details were stated on self-evaluation and research data. They are not intended to be applied as medically ensured results.)

Problems related to nails and people

These are the types of nails that every person around us carries along with their causes. Just like it has been stated that everyone is born different, so is the case with their bodies. Our body functioning is different too which is why when we sit and research about a problem that we are facing, we usually end up learning about more types and symptoms related to it. Their presence has been reported regularly by multiple patients, including all proofs and results of having the same category issues but with different sources and reasons.

Nail problem is a small yet important problem that must be taken into concern as soon as it is found out. Generally, nail care is quite trending among the females of today as they like to groom and beautify them more often. They consider it as a part of their beauty and book regular appointments to nail salons. But working too hard on your nails can end up creating problems for nails and skin around them. Excessive use of liquid products and too much work on our nails end up creating infections and dryness in our skin along with making them a source to reach our inner body with bacteria.

Extra measures for nail care

Undoubtedly, there is never a limit to finding a solution to anybody’s problem. The same is with nails, as they are also easily treatable and curable from any kind of infection or change. But the point that matters the most here is why to end up in such a situation in the first place? When you can such keep a good nail care routine in check on a daily basis.

Here are some easy and adaptable home remedies that anyone can apply in their life even with a busy routine.

  1. Clean your nails regularly. You can use a soft brush or a filer to use on sensitive nail skin in your every morning or night routine. Wash them with good moisturizing soap and brush after getting fresh and use a pointy filer with less edge and clean
  2.  insides of nails carefully. After a whole day of dirt and dust on your hands, make sure to take it out of your nails at night properly.
  3. Protect them. After giving them a good wash, make sure you dry them off properly so that it doesn’t catch up with any fungus or infection. Use a good hand moisturizer and rub your hands and nails gently. Do a quick clean scan over your nails and apply a protective layer of topcoat for long term protection.
  4. Make sure you know your nails. Do not apply hard scented or strong effective moisturizers if you have soft or sensitive nails. Too much chemical tolerance is impossible for these nails and will give them a hard time staying maintained. The same goes for manicures and pedicures. If your nails cannot survive a long term massage, make sure to have a small cleaning session with them but not so rough.

Further are some don’ts that one can follow while looking after their nails.

  1. Do not bite your nails and tear them off. People with anxiety and depressions usually have a habit of biting their nails when they are stressed. This can easily damage the nail bed along with minor cut alongside your fingernails can allow bacteria and fungi to enter the skin and cause infections and allergies.
  2. Make sure your mouth is not hurting the hangnails. The side skin of the nails is sensitive and can easily break. While cleaning your nails, make sure you don’t pull off the cuticles.
  3. Use skin-friendly products with good consultation from a skin specialist. Do not get influenced by any new nail product just because it has something new. Keep in mind what your skin and nail type is and then go buy the product.
  4. Do not tend to ignore if something is wrong with your nails. If you find any problem mentioned in the details above, quickly take action and consult a doctor. Do not find a remedy on your own if its something serious.

Take care of yourself!

It’s never hard to look after yourself once you come to know how to do it. In fact, it’s really not that difficult, if one tends to believe in himself. Once you realize the importance of your body, you will be looking for solutions and habits that can keep your body in good health on your own. Have positive people and motivational environment around you. It’s important that you take concern about yourself. Your nails may be a small part of your body but they really play an important role in taking care of it. Nails are an outer mirror of our inner body health. They are signals towards a bad condition or situation. Other than that they also boost our hand and feet functioning. If you keep these important facts in mind at all times, you will never ignore to look after them.

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