Cough Treatment; 14 Effective Home Remedies for Cough

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14 effective home remedies for cough

Coughs are the immediate triggers or reflexes of throat glands that respond to any foreign particles, fluids, irritants, mucus or microbes passing through the throat or breathing passage. It’s an instant reaction in a form of expulsion air from brain when it detects a harmful irritant inside the throat. Coughing may not seem a serious matter to many people as it’s natural yet quick reflex of our internal system but it becomes a serious matter if its extended in time or changes its sound.

There are many other reasons for a cough to happen, e.g. germs spreading its hosts outside the body through coughing, special coughing at night time, internal disease or allergy or just a small reflex to avid germs entering the body. Coughing has its own field of treatment if it extends in time and makes one’s life miserable.

How can cough get worst?

Many of the cough cases are reported as the result of any infection or virus that is presently known around people. Dust allergies, seasonal changes or internal problem, anything is possible when a cough is detected in a person. In case if the infection is only at the upper respiratory tract till throat it’s known as flu or common cold. But if the virus is spread throughout lower respiratory tract; the lungs or the airways lower down from windpipe, they are considered worse and are known as bronchitis and pneumonia.

If you are wondering how much worse we can expect a cough in someone, it has its causes lined up for sure; causes like smoking, asthma, medications, viruses, influenza,, allergies, etc. Coughing may not seem to take much attention of many people but it’s a health problem counted with other serious issues so it must be given attention if one comes to get affected by it immediately.

When to know you need a serious remedy for cough?

So which signs actually point towards the cough getting worst? Probably the time limit of coughing since it started is the clearest sign. If your cough is constant above three weeks, it’s clear that there is something wrong with your body from inside and you need to consult a doctor. Short term cough may not be a worrying dilemma but a long term cough definitely is concerning.

 Some of the other reasons include cough getting worse and excessive, swelling or lumps appearing near the neck area, losing weight, difficulty in breathing and swallowing, changing in sound or voice, blood coughing, chest pain and constant fever. If anyone finds these symptoms in them on constant basis, they must lookout for a remedy or visit to the doctor immediately.

Treating cough problems at home

If you are not a fan of doctor visits or medical treatment, there is another solution available at your hand known as the independent treatment where you can sort out different remedies at your comfort zone and heal yourself gradually. If you are a nature lover, you will definitely love our 14 effective home remedies for cough that we have gathered to help out with multiple kinds of cough issues.

  1. Drinks lots of fluids and water to thin out the sticky mucus.
  2. Take steam sessions. Give yourself a hot shower to ease up the body or boil some water in a pan adding in some ginger or honey and out your face slightly above the pan to inhale steam with open mouth. Ignore this remedy if you are a patient of asthma.
  3. Use a humidifier or nebulizer on daily basis to ease up the irritating mucus. Softening it will help let it get out easily, making your throat empty.
  4. Buy or make cough drops for yourself with some honey, ginger and sugar and take at least three a day to get rid of irritated throat.
  5. Gargle at least three times day with warm water and salt to help eases up the dryness in throat.
  6. Sleep with an extra pillow down the head to help elevate better at night time.
  7. Ignore all kinds of irritants like smoke, dust or pollutants. Wear a mask regularly to prevent them.
  8. Bring in honey into your daily diet. Use it directly or mix it with a pinch of black pepper to relax the throat. Honey works best for children over 1 year old and adults.
  9. Make some hot beverage like ginger and honey tea with lemon and peppermint to relax your cough every day. It helps ease up the inflammation in throat.
  10. Menthol and mint are best flavors for taking any cough drop, suckling or beverage. Use them frequently to heal cough quickly.
  11. Use some apple cider vinegar in warm water with honey flavor to ease up the mucus in throat. Apple cider vinegar works miracles with multiple other problems in our body as well.
  12. Soups work great when you are sick. Coughing can be eased up with chicken and vegetable soups with added egg to relax the cough and treat dry throat. 
  13.  Turmeric works miracles with our body. Use some with Luke warm milk to heat up your body and relax the throat and digestive system.
  14.  Last but not the least; bring in some CHOCOLATE into your routine as chocolate has Theo bromide and other ingredients that suppress the complicated nerve activity that’s responsible for coughing.

That Irritating Cough!

Yes, it’s true that it’s irritating and nagging as it disrupts our daily life’s simple tasks with constant breathing break. Any problem related to health is uncomfortable for our daily life chores but they shouldn’t be neglected due to busyness or carelessness as it will only become worse, making our lives more complicated.  Coughing is surely a pain and it can easily be treated with simple remedies once it starts. So better start working on it if you have any starting by now otherwise you may have to prepare an appointment with your doctor sooner or later.

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