Hand reflexology for lower back pain

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Hand reflexology for lower back pain

People have been associated with the marvels of pain and how to get rid of this pain for ages. Back pain is the most widely recognized torment. At least eight out of ten individuals experience it in the course of their life. Any kind of discomfort, pain, or tenderness in the spinal zone is known as ‘back torment.’ 

The Spinal cord is the most essential and sensitive joint that stretches down from the medulla oblongata. The individual bones of the spinal line are known as vertebrae. If they are harmed or positioned in a discourteous way, it causes discomfort. We, in general, feel torment in our back because of pressure, improper sitting or standing position, stress, abnormalities, or injuries. Whether the pain is chronic or acute, there is always a treatment for it. Everyone experiencing backaches must deal with their spinal pain with great care.

What is hand, reflexology? 

There are several pharmacologic and non-pharmacologic treatments available for treating backaches. One of the non-clinical treatments for treating pain is reflexology. It is part of many alternative and complementary therapies.

The vast majority of people know ‘reflexology’ as something that can only be done to your feet. Yet, hand reflexology is another method that is getting similarly as popular as foot reflexology. 

Reflexology presumptions: 

Hand and foot reflexology has been utilized as a major aspect of clinical consideration since classic Chinese and ancient Egyptian times. The fundamental assumption that reflexologists use is that both hands and feet reflect every organ, gland, and every part of our body. 

Stimulation of these reflex points improves blood circulation, promotes relaxation, and urges the body to recuperate itself. It clarifies why hand reflexologists often use the saying: “Health is present at your fingertips!”

How is hand reflexology more useful than foot reflexology? 

Hand reflexology provides certain advantages other than foot reflexology. Our hands are undeniably more easily accessible as compared to our feet. It makes hand reflexology the most effective self-help-tool for both the kids and the grown-ups. 

In some cases, you may not have the opportunity to take your shoes off and perform a full foot reflexology treatment. At this time, you can go for hand reflexology treatment. You can also use the hand reflexology treatment in case you have a foot injury or any kind of infection in any case.

Work on the reflexes that correspond with your upper back and shoulders. You can perform this by applying pressure to the underneath area of your ring finger and little finger on the top of your right hand.

The area for your upper back and shoulders is present just below the middle fingers and pointer on the palm of your hand. There is likewise a reflex point for the upper back on your palm just beneath the base of your thumb, present on the outside of your hand. 

Your left shoulder reflexes are present at the base of your left little finger, and your right shoulder reflexes are present at the base of your right little finger, So make sure to work on both of your hands.

Hand reflexology step by step guide:

Hand reflexology is a splendid way of getting rid of the stresses that new technological advancements have gifted us. 

For lower back torment, press the area where your wrist and the middle of palm joins and stimulate it for some time. If you are not sure of the problem, then you must always consider consulting a specialist. It is the ideal cure for treating back pain caused by sitting for a very long time.

  1. First stage: Look for a quiet place and sit on a comfortable chair.
  2. Second stage: Make yourself comfortable and try to get into a relaxing condition. You can sue any of your favorite oil on your hands. Although specialists usually do not use creams and oils during professional reflexology sessions. However, there is nothing wrong with using them during casual, informal sessions.
  3. Third stage: Rub the cream on your hands for a few minutes until your hands absorb it completely. It will loosen up your hands and increment adaptability in anticipation of applying reflexology. Make sure not to use any kind of oil or creams that make your hands slippery or greasy.
  4. Fourth stage: Close your eyes and relax. Think only about the parts of your body that hurt uncomfortably. Sometimes you only feel as if some parts of your body are misaligned. 
  5. Fifth stage: Consult a hand reflexology guide to identify the exact reflection points present in your hands that correspond directly to the parts of your body where you want to work. For example, you have uncomfortable pain in your left shoulder; then, you must look on the guide that the reflection points for your shoulder are present on the little finger of your left hand.
  6. Sixth stage: Press the reflex point firmly. Slowly increase the pressure and make sure that you are activating the reflex. You can lose a little if you feel any kind of pain at some point.
  7. Seventh stage: Hold the pressure for at least 30 seconds and release afterward.
  8. Eighth stage: Wait for some seconds and then repeat the same thing. Either you can press it for 30 seconds, or you can press and release the pulsed point for 30 seconds.
  9. Ninth stage: In case you are uncomfortable, you can use pressure technique and apple light pressure with the help of your thumbs. To do this, use circular motions at the same reflection point for 5 seconds. After that, rotate in the opposite direction but the same circular motions for another 5 seconds. Repeat this a few times for every point of reflection.
  10. Tenth stage: Reflexology applies to every area of both of the hands but give more consideration to the problematic areas.
  11. Eleventh stage: After the completion of your reflexology session, sit back quietly and relax for about 10 minutes. In case if possible, lay down on a soft surface and rest for about half an hour.
  12. Twelve stages: After your reflexology session, make sure to drink a lot of water. Drinking water will help you drain all the toxins released from your muscles and organs during the reflexology session.

Brisk hand reflexology treatment for back and neck pain: 

Tension can build up in your shoulders and neck when you stress too much. An invigorating hand reflexology session can help bring a considerable amount of relief, especially for those people who work on the computer for a long time. Here is a quickly had reflexology treatment for neck and back pain.

1. For your spine and neck: 

‘Creep’ forward along with the spinal reflex, the point that runs from the center of your wrist to the highest point of your thumb. Creep on this area in upward and downward direction two times, Working around the thumbs base for contacting the neck.

2. For soothing your shoulder: 

Creep along with your little finger from the base to the tip of your little finger. It will help to soothe your shoulder.

What are the benefits of reflexology treatment? 

The reflexology treatment makes the blood flow towards the area of the back that is hurting and causes the pain to improve. Taking several sessions frequently for some weeks will optimize the nerve flow. Something very similar happens to the blood and the lymph streams to the problematic area of the back.

Reflexology is known to be extremely useful for both acute and chronic back pain. However, it is additionally beneficial for reducing stress, which, in some cases, can exacerbate people’s pain perception. Reflexology helps lessen stress and improves emotional health. It is most of the time related to the back pain as it can cause stress, which prompts an expansion in the pain level. Regular reflexology sessions can significantly diminish the manifestations of chronic back pain.

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