How Do Joints work? Functioning and Importance of Body Joints

by Ahsan Sohail
How Do Joints work?

Joints are considered to be the only nuts, tightened on to our bones. They are the areas consisting of two or more bones joined together. The joints play a critical role in functioning our bodies. They are designed in such a crafty structure that our whole body is forced to depend on their strength. Joints are considered to be as much important as every other part of our body. Without their support, humans are incapable of standing on two feet.

Functional and important

Every day, we can move our whole body daily, thanks to these joints inside us. People born with dysfunctional bodies may not feel the actual priority of joints inside a perfect born human. Because the one having it can only realize its importance when it comes to loose one. That’s why joints are an essential part of our inner body in every possible way. Keeping them functional is also part of our body features along with human who has them. They need to be taken care of regularly if one wants to keep them mobile for a more extended period.

Important from minor to significant tasks

Joints help us move every second passing. They help us sit, stand, bend, stoop, run, pause, twist, stretch, and do several other movements. Without their support, our bodies will become incapable of twisting and turning as we please. From moving our body unconsciously to extreme work out in the gym, from every minor to the primary task of our daily lives, our joints perform necessary functions to help mobilize our body correctly. One can only imagine spending a day without moving an arm due to joint pain because there is no use having them if they are not able to move.

 Different types of joints and their functions

Let’s look at the 3 different kinds of joints present in our body along with their functions.

  • Synovial joints
  • Fibrous joints
  • Cartilaginous joints

The above three types are further divided into different categories. Their classification depends on the amount of mobility allowed by the joints or the type of tissue that connects the bones with them. Let’s subdivide these types further.

Fibrous joints, also known as fixed joint or synarthroses, tell us about the bones that are fixed together for permanent reasons and do not contain mobility. They are called Fibrous joints because the tissue that binds them is fibrous. For example, the human skull is a fibrous joint.

Cartilaginous, the semi moveable joints, also known as slightly moveable joint or Amphiarthroses, allows the joint to move slightly which is a bit more than what can be seen in the fibrous joint. The nature of this joint tissue is cartilaginous, which a why it permits the bone to move a little from its space. One of the examples of these joints is the intervertebral disc joint.

The freely moveable joint is the other name given of synovial joints. These joints provide maximum movement permission to the joints along with bones involved. We also call them diarthrosis which is further six different types that depend on the kind of movements they are performing. Below are the synovial joints named and elaborated with their functional features.

  • Ball and socket joint:  Two bones are involved in this kind of synovial joint. One bone consists of the more massive round at the end that is capable of fitting into the cup-like socket at the other end of the second bone. Their location is found mostly in the hip and shoulder joints. They are capable of extreme movements such as rotating, flexing, extension vital and others.
  • Hinge joint:  This type of joint is only allowed to move in one axis, also known as a simple joint. Flexion and extension movements are only possible with this joint. These joints are mostly found in elbows and knees.
  • Pivot joint: With this joint, rotating in one axis only is possible. The typical example of this joint is the atlantooccipital joint in the neck.
  • Ellipsoid or gliding joint: This type is a bit compatible to the ball with the ball and socket joint but it doesn’t allow rotation. Only movements in two axes are allowed, and the wrist joint is the example of this type.
  • Saddle joint: It may be similar to the joint above along with having two bones. These bones function in a very typical way, which allows the body part to move in limited rotational movement. An example of this joint will be the carpometacarpal joint in our thumbs.

The necessity of keeping our joints on the move

Joints play a vital role in handling all bone movements. Not only that they support body balance and organ functioning along with other essential tasks inside our body. Without these nuts in our bones, we will find it hard to function our bodies properly. This is why we are always made aware of the health problem possibilities that can occur due to carelessness in taking care of them. Every medical center supports maximum promotions for bone health and takes responsibility. They insist on analyzing our daily life activities so that we can observe our bone health more keenly.

Every other individual is now aware of every small detail related to our health issues. More education and knowledge are being spread throughout educational institutes and different community affairs. Promotional events for healthy exercises and charitable events including athletic activities are being hosted throughout the countries to support healthy living. It benefits the participants and hosts both with healthy practices and charities for good causes. That’s why whenever someone comes across an activity like this, they must participate for a good reason.

No Exercise and moving less is dangerous

It’s not necessary to be a doctor or medical specialist to know about our body improvement tactics. Or you don’t need to go into medical universities to improve your vision of health for your selves. Taking care of ourselves comes with all the other responsibilities that we need to fulfill daily. It’s a general fact to look after ourselves if we wish to keep going with our healthy and active life schedule. If one chooses to stay low and care less about the body he carries around every day, it will surely come to a disappointing end and make him sick before his time. One of the most common reasons for disturbing our joints ourselves is laziness that has become a norm among our new generation. Keeping our joints at a minimum level of movement is making them rust and stop working before our retirement age. This is an issue that is taking over the minds of medical workers; that’s why they are promoting more movement-based promotions to make people aware of their bodies.

We are what we eat

This present day, food and edibles have taken a drastic turn towards artificial flavoring, making our body to function badly by not getting its full nutrition dose every day. Fast food, unnatural cooking, quick and easy recipes are affecting our lives and blood in shocking ways. That’s why unknown and untreatable diseases are being discovered now and then. We need to take an extreme and affecting concern towards these issues now.

A ray of hope towards a solution

We need to look after ourselves for a better future, not just for ourselves but for people around us too. We need to bring a healthy diet and exercise into our lives. The more we move, the less we will have time to sit and think about any problem because there won’t be any if we keep ourselves moving in the first place. Exercising, diet, meditation, yoga, and many other activities must be included in our busy lives, even for a while, so that we do not turn ourselves into work machines.

Still being one will prefer oiling our nuts, so it’s best to keep those joints on the go all the time because our body is a valuable possession. And no matter how busy or hectic our routine is, we should always take some time out for ourselves. We are not aware of the after-effects of carelessness towards our inner and outer health, but one must not do so or it will not turn out good. Just keep it simple. Have a jog every morning after waking up or take a half-hour break during work to meditate or stroll around the block. It’s never too late to start fresh and straightforward.

Love your joints and love yourself

Happiness is the biggest key to a healthy life. Find good and positivity around you instead of being dragged into darkness. Love being yourself, and take care of yourself because it’s worth it. Know what you eat and bring in new and healthy cooking to your diet. Learn new ways of moving and keeping yourself on your feet every day. There is no limit to solutions once you make up your mind. Be happy and love yourself every day.

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