Precaution for Diabetic Patient; Causes, Symptoms, and Cure

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precaution for diabetic patient

Health matters are considerably crucial when it comes to dealing with something serious and effective like diabetes. Diabetes is known as a condition in which our body is not able to process food for energy use in our main organs. Almost all of the foods that we eat turn into glucose or sugar in case our body needs energy to move. The hormone named insulin made from pancreas help glucose get into the cells of our bodies.

If someone gets diabetes in his medical report, it’s probably because of the body resisting making more insulin or is not able to use the insulin properly. In the end, sugar level starts building up in blood which ends up in calling diabetes ‘sugar’ by many people as well. We can ensure that diabetes is on the top seventh position of death reasons’ list.

What are the two main types of diabetes?

Diabetes occurs in two categories. The first category is Type 1 diabetes where immune system destroys the cells in pancreas that are responsible for making insulin. It leads the body towards diabetes as the insulin production is not enough for body functioning. Mainly, it’s called the autoimmune reaction where the body is attacking itself.

Second is the Type 2 diabetes where difference comes in both reasons as in type 2 the body is the ne resisting insulin itself. Both reasons have entirely different causes as per body situation. Some of the causes for type 1 diabetes are:

  • Viral bacterial infection
  • Chemical toxins within food
  • Unidentified component causing autoimmune reaction

The causes for type 2 diabetes include:

  • Obesity and weight gain
  • Living a lazy lifestyle
  • Bad diet routine
  • Aging

Is it possible to cure diabetes?

We know the fact that for every bad medical condition, there is a cure discovered by our medical specialists. Unfortunately, diabetes comes in category where the problem cannot be cured completely. Once a person gets diagnosed with the problem, he can never prevent it from interfering in his life forever. But one can always stop it from happening or expanding once the problem is detected.

Currently no cure is available for diabetes, but one can always make sure of his sugar intake while having hi daily meals. That’s why; one can always look after the intake of sugar while dealing with both types of diabetes with precaution and care.

Precautions for a diabetic

One can always stay away from excessive use of sugar in case he doesn’t want to end up diabetic for the rest of his life. While for some people who are looking for precautions for diabetic patient, here are some precautionary measures that a diabetic can take if he is willing to keep his diabetes in control:

Live a simple and in-check life style

The very first step to stay safe with diabetes is to keep its increment level in check.  Learn everything about your problem whenever you come to realize its existence. Take complete guide from members of diabetes care team e.g. doctor or primary care provider, diabetes nurse educator or a dietician. Maintain a healthy lifestyle and eat a balanced diet with less sugary foods. Be careful about your medication timings and doctor visits and keep checking your blood sugar with handy sugar checking equipment that are easily available in medical stores.

Avoid smoke anywhere

Smoke or inhaling smoke can bring your situation into type 2 diabetes which is worse than type 1. It can also lead to various diabetes complications like reduced blood flow in legs and feet and creating infections and ulcers- heart disease, stroke, eye disease, nerve damage, kidney damage and premature death. Smoking is deadly for a diabetic person and if one still carries on the habit, he is calling for his own death.

Keeping check of blood pressure and cholesterol

Cholesterol and blood pressure work at the same level of diabetes. They are dangerous when high and can pressure your diabetes into making it worse leading the diabetic towards heart attack, strokes, or other life-threatening situations. You need to keep a detailed check over what and how you are eating in your meals and snacks. Avoid all kinds of high sugar foods and fatty meals to stay away from bad cholesterol and blood pressure.

Visit your doctor regularly

Make sure you visit your doctor at least two to four times in a year for physical and routine eye exam. During exam he will ask for your nutrition intake and activity level while looking for any signs of diabetes complications in kidney, nerve and heart. Eye specialist will look for any signs of retinal damage or other problems to prevent blindness.


If you are a diabetic patient, you will be having routine vaccines to prevent diabetes from getting worse. Make sure you receive all off them as they may include flu, pneumonia, hepatitis B and other vaccines.

Teeth care:

Your teeth can become worse once you are diagnosed with diabetes. Make sure to brush twice a day with fluoride toothpaste along with flossing. Visit a dentist at least 3 times in a year for precautionary measures.

Look after your feet:

Diabetes affects blood flowing in feet, making them extra-sensitive to cuts and blisters because they become worse while healing. Make sure you clean your feet thoroughly and dry them properly. Moisturize them with lotion or petroleum jelly. Use light lotions instead of oils and creams as too much moisture can ruin your skin inside the toes. Keep checking your feet for any problem or injury to prevent it from damaging your feet.

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