Why Do We feel Burning Sensation in Legs While Lying Down?

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Burning Sensation in Legs

Our legs perform multiple tasks, including balancing and moving our body every day, all day, and all the time whenever we feel like getting on our feet. The anatomy of our legs amazes us, along with surpasses in every other aspect of presenting mind-blowing actions that enable an individual to do all kinds of sports. A healthy and working leg will never fail to perform body activities correctly, but for some people, while reaching their thirties, they face multiple issues related to their leg joints.

Legs can become tired and weak too. Why? Because our whole body is functioning over the balance of our feet and lower legs so when a person excessively tires out his legs due to continuous movement or heavy weight lifting, the leg muscles stop working correctly. Our legs consist of many joints and lower bottom parts, which enable the legs to function according to our body movement. Let’s take a detailed look at those body parts that make it freedom possible for our legs.

What do our legs consist of? A Brief Leg Anatomy

Upper Legs:

Our every leg consists of 5 regions, upper leg, knee, lower leg, ankle, and foot. Also, our legs are decided into two sections, Upper leg and lower leg. Our upper leg part is also called thigh that runs from hip to the knee in each leg. In our upper leg muscles, there are three muscles located on the back of the thigh. They allow the knees to bend. At the front of the thigh are four muscles that will enable knees to straighten from a bent position. And last but not least, the inside of the thigh consists of five muscles that will allow our legs to come together. 


Let’s come to knee functioning. Our knees are the main joining point of both upper and lower legs. It’s the most extensive joint set in our body that bears the weight of our upper body. It allows us to walk, run, and jump freely if in a healthy condition. We can also rotate and pivot with the help of our knees. There is a knee cap present in our knees that protects our attached tendons and ligaments. 

Lower legs:

Our lower legs extend from knee to ankle and are commonly known as the calves. Two bones are present in lower legs known as tibia and fibula that work for weight-bearing and as the main point of muscles for the lower leg. Along with these features, five lower leg muscles work in multiple movement regions. 


Last but not least is our ankle, which is the last joint of our legs. It connects our lower leg with foot. Its main work is to allow the plantar for flexion and dorsiflexion in the foot. It’s made off the muscle fibula and tibia of legs as well as the talus of the foot. It works on two ligaments that help stabilize the ankle and prevent it from turning too far inward or outward.


And finally, our foot reaches the end of our details. They are made up of many bones, muscles, and ligaments, or rather we can say that about one-quarter of the bones in the body are present in our feet. Our foot bones consist of four main categories that perform multiple types of functions according to the foot structure. It also contains 20 muscles that provide support and allow the foot for a range of movements along with three kinds of ligaments that support the arch and hold the foot bones together. 

Dealing with Foot Problems

We all know how crucial all the foot muscles and ligaments are after reading through the anatomy of legs. We also feel the burden and duty pressure that our legs have to face while providing us movement comfort. To keep that pace going, sometimes we face leg problems that occur due to multiple reasons e.g., muscle strain, broken leg or fracture, chronic diseases, infections, muscle cramps, sprains, stress fractures, and many more. The most common cause that is in reporting for a long time is a burning sensation in the leg. How it occurs, let’s take a look.

Causes and Treatment of Burning Sensation in Legs

When you feel some burning sensation in your leg, mainly when you lie down, it can be the result of many causes e.g., damage to nerves in legs from intense heat or cold or toxic substances. It can also occur from a circulation problem that disturbs the blood flow in our legs or a leg injury and intense exercise. Some chronic pains can also damage the nerve functioning, causing it to compress and feel heated while resting. There is a whole list of burning sensation issues with legs, but let’s move on some solutions for Burning Sensation in Legs While Lying Down.

  • While lying down, try lifting your leg a little high with a pillow underneath to check if blood circulation is good, if not, moving your leg in up and down motion so that blood reaches the whole leg and relieves the pain.
  • Try soaking your feet in hot or cold water and see what suits the temperature. People with skin issues shouldn’t apply this, but for others, it’s a soothing procedure.
  • Try some natural remedy based soaking waters like apple cider vinegar solution or Epsom salts. Soaking your feet for 15 minutes in them will relieve any burning sensation in legs.
  • Turmeric works great with inflammation. Try taking a turmeric supplement to relive the pain. 
  • You can also try making a homemade ginger or turmeric solution and apply it on or under your feet. Mix the ingredients with cold water and use it for a few minutes until you feel secure.

Massage your feet with non-heating oil like coconut or mustard oil to relax the senses.

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