Physical Health; Treating Numbness in Left Arm and Hand

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numbness in left arm and hand

Keeping or hands and arms healthy and working all the time is one of the essential care tips for everyone. We use our arms and hands consciously and unconsciously all the time while working, sleeping, playing, eating, etc. Sometimes we take our arms and hand strength for granted and end up injuring ourselves with something unexpected. Our hands and arms are an exceptional creation of nature, and no other being has such easiness of mobility in the entire word, so we should never take its priority for granted.

Problems that a person faces with hands and arms

It’s not easy keeping our hands and arms stealthy and working all the time. At one point in the day after a long time limit of work and body usage, your arms and hands will stop working eventually. A small and constant feeling of tingling and numbness will strike your limbs, causing them to function slowly until they are tired entirely, and you lose your control over them. Putting load over your hands and arms may end up into something severe and make your everyday life miserable.

There are tons of problems that can happen to our arms and hands. Some of these reasons are excessive muscle use, chronic diseases or illnesses, bone problems or dysfunction, and many more. There are also many ways to treat this feeling in our limbs as numbness does not represent any severe illness trigger like a heart attack or stroke for any reason until it’s sharp and long term. Our hands can become sensitive and weak due to many reasons, and to treat this numbness for good, we have gathered some of the useful ways to help you get your arm and hand working in no time.

Treating numbness in left arm and leg

Numbness in arms and hands may differ at some points and happen one at a time. Sometimes you can only feel this feeling in your left hand and arm while another limb will be working correctly. The left side is more sensitive than our right side as our heart is present in that direction. One will easily panic when something is wrong with the left side of the body. To avoid such a stressful situation, how can we adjust our problem, making it worse? How can we improve this situation with a suitable remedy? Let’s look at some answers:

  1. If you feel numbness in morning times, try changing yourself into a more comfortable position. Your limb can get motionless, and blood circulation slows down if your hand is not in the correct position. Try putting your arm on a wedge pillow to get that circulation going smoothly.
  2. If your arm is getting numb during the day, try doing some exercises or stretch to loosen up the muscle. It can get tired or stressed easily due to excessive use of tissue or wrong body posture. Try correcting your body movement and move your arm in motions to get that blood circulating again.
  3. If a single and constant direction is affecting your hand grasp, leave it. Change the pattern of hand use to avoid getting tired or have your nerve stretched.
  4. Check the possibility of numbness as where it is reaching through your arm. If your shoulder is getting pulled due to stretch, it’s not related to the heart. If you feel your heart clenching and breathing becomes hard, you are facing an attack or stroke. Contact your doctor immediately or get help from family or friends.

Symptoms for something serious with numbness

Numbness in left arm and hand may be just a start of something severe. You should seek medical assistance as quickly as possible if you also have the following symptoms:

  • Pressure and pain in the chest
  • Pain in shoulder, jaw or back
  • Discoloration of skin
  • Infection and swelling in the arm
  • Problem breathing or swallowing
  • Sudden headaches
  • Feeling nauseous
  • Feeling unbalanced and have coordination problems

Should a person be concerned after feeling numbness?

Reasons for numbness in our arms can be at the level of zero or a direct hundred because you may get up in a wrong sleeping position and just that will be the cause of your arm numbness, or you may also wake up with a sudden pain in the arm, and you feel your heart exploding. It can be anything and anywhere when you have to face such situations. Numbness in arms and hand concern and attention-demanding, so one much seek medical help if the tingling or numbness becomes worse.

Other causes of arm and hand numbness

We can also look at some other causes of numbness in our left arm and hand, as there is never one problem with a single symptom.

Taking precautions before taking decisions

Never underestimate even the slightest change or a bad symptom in your limb functioning if you come to face one in your life. Our body requires immediate care and attention if a problem occurs with it because we know how much difficulty we can meet if there is the slightest issue with our one hand. It makes our typical day to day work hard from a single scratch in our finger, so consider thinking a whole arm and hand not working due to excessive numbness. It can result in anything serious, and that’s why one should always lookout for a solution immediately after facing a concerning issue.

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