Home Remedies for Dust Allergy and Cough Treatment

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Home Remedies for Dust Allergy and Cough Treatment

Allergies have become a norm among many individuals in the present century. Specifically, dust allergies are known to be present in every third person around us. Dust allergies happen to be the attempt of multiple reasons that include dust mites and pollen etc. Every dust allergy patient knows the dilemma of constant cough, flu, and asthma pain when the dust season arrives. It’s a pain in the head every time for an individual when faces a dust allergy season.

Any individual can face an allergic reaction from different types of dust allergy triggers that may bring discomfort to the patient. We can expect an allergy reaction many times when we come to interact with dusty seasons or dirty places. People with much sensitive immune system can easily be affected by the dust while facing a hard impact by getting allergies real quick.

Dust allergy; Triggers and Symptoms

Dust allergies can trigger from the following sources;

  • Dust mites
  • Cockroaches
  • Mold
  • Pollen
  • Pet hair, fur or feathers

People face multiple types of allergies due to different triggers, for example, some people get sick when the spring season starts, while for some people touching or getting near a furry animal can make them sneeze for a long time. A most common type of dust allergy is the dust mite allergy, where tiny mites that are invisible to the naked eye reside among our house and feed on our dead skin cells and our house dust. These mites are the main reason for getting sick while facing a dusty situation.

Some of the symptoms found for these allergies are:

  • Sneezing
  • Runny or stuffy nose
  • Red, itchy or teary eyes
  • Wheezing, coughing, tightness in the chest and shortness of breath
  • Itching

Is it possible to prevent dust allergies?

In the age of modern technology, nothing is impossible to cure, especially when it’s related to health. Allergies commonly start from an early age or sometimes after growing up when someone’s immune system suddenly decides to react to a specific type of trigger. It does not limit the cure of these allergies, as all of the mentioned allergies present the same kind of symptoms. Furthermore, allergies have their section of curing treatments, so whenever there is a health issue regarding allergies in front of a doctor, they know what to prescribe.

Usually, there are two types of treatments for allergies, medical or independent treatment. Ancient times had its perks of making people treat themselves naturally, but today people depend on doctors more than themselves. It’s alright to choose any of these two treatments as long as it’s easy for you to spend some budget on your treatment, so stay positive that you can treat your allergy in the present day.

Home remedies for dust allergy cough

Coughing is known as one of the most common and frequently found symptoms of dust allergies. People with breathing issues cough severely when they face an allergy, leaving them breathless many times. It’s tough for them to continue taking breathes when the allergy triggers, so what exactly can they do to prevent such situations?

For those who prefer treating themselves in a natural way and at their homes, we can sort out some tips to help them conquer their problem easily without spending extra money on expensive treatments.

  • Grab a steel bowl and boil some water until it bubbles and leaves lots of steam. Wear a towel at your head and put your head a little high from the top of steaming water. Inhale the steam with open mouth while breathing and repeat the process at least twice a day to prevent excessive coughing. You can add in some ginger cubes with a spoonful of honey and salt and boil it to add in more effect.
  • Gargle your throat with Luke warm water with added salt or honey as it is also a quick and easy remedy to cure bad coughing. Use this technique at least twice a day to ease up your throat and open the dry glands in your throat. Please make sure the water is warm, as cold water will make it worse.
  • Soups, broths, tea or any other hot beverage, can also be adapted to cure away some dry coughs. Lookup for some easy and quick healing recipes to make at home with available ingredients, and you won’t have to leave your home for any cough treatment.
  • You can also try some homemade cough syrup with some vinegar, honey, cayenne, ginger, and water. Combine all five and shake well. You can leave it at room temperature or fridge for a more extended period. Shake well before using it every time as the ingredients will not dissolve in water, so it will not become a thick syrup. Take as per your allergy demands anytime.

How to avoid cough allergies daily?

If you are a constant patient of cough or asthma issues, you should always stay away from its triggers as much as you can. Even if you start giving in on your needs, you must keep your health at first. Otherwise, you may lead to a hospital bed pretty soon. Petting animals, sniffing flowers, smoking or going near a smoky place, doing home cleaning without face masks, using scented perfumes must be avoided at all costs. Allergies may give off a quick and straightforward feeling of lousy health, but they can worsen at a level of emergency if taken for granted.

Make sure you do not attempt any of the reasons mentioned above for dust allergies, or you will be putting yourself in danger with your own hands. Prevention is better than a solution, so try to work on this motto with determination.

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