How a Baby grows; One-Month-Old Baby Activities

by Ahsan Sohail
How a Baby grows; One-Month-Old Baby Activities

Babies are the most beautiful and most extraordinary creations gifted to us in the form of the present, along with responsibility. When two people decide to become one and look further ahead into their futures, they know one day they will be running after small humans who will not let them sit with peace. And when it’s time to become a parent, the feeling and nurture of holding a sweet little human, sleeping soundly in the mother’s arms, takes over one’s heart vastly. It’s like a dream that every other woman out there lives just for her child.

While planning to welcome a new human into your life, you become a completely different person, to manage a wholly unique experience of another person in your life. You make sure everything is perfect and in shape. You work hard in preparing yourself while learning knowledge about bringing that human up with complete care. Your whole life swipes to a new turn, and one day, while holding that little ball of happiness in your arms, you know from now on, you are going to live a whole different life.

How the presence of a newborn affects your life?

We know this very well that having babies is not just a child’s play. When a woman becomes a mother, she knows she will be having her whole life turn around just for the sake of her child. She leaves every concern related to her, focusing only on taking care of the baby. The first child brings in new experiences and situations, along with a little stress and tension. When you have to deal with your first baby, you are a new mother, and panic attacks will be a norm because handling a freshly born human is not an easy task.

So, in general, if you wish to become a mother someday, you know you need to learn all about motherhood from as many sources as you can. Still, one will never be experienced enough to know everything until she experiences it in real life. Newborn children bring in lots of distractions, concerns, and stress into a mother’s life, but in the end, they get the hang of it after a while. If you are a new mother, you will be either dealing with your child with patience or sitting in a corner crying along with your baby in arms.

Life of a newborn; growth stages

Every child goes through some essential time-limited growing phases, especially in his first year. Babies tend to adapt to their environment in their very first year. All 12 months are generally categorized into four simple stages of growth.0-3, 3-6, 6-9, and 9-12 months. During these months, the child faces several different phases while growing up in which some of them include eyesight, teething, talking, speaking, and walking, but here, we are present to elaborate some of the activities and changes are seen during the first month of baby. Let’s look at some more details related to this query in further detail.

The first month of the baby; what to expect?

At this time, you have become aware of your child’s eating, sleeping, and pooping needs, and you are just getting hold of the routine. Your periods of sleep are disturbed, and you are spending quite some time awake with your baby. It’s a whole new start, so it’s sturdy and time taking. You are feeling tired and cranky all the time, but still holding yourself up for your baby’s sake. Babies in their first month do not progress that fast or clearly as in this phase; it’s just about handling and adjusting the baby in a proper routine.

Activities of a one-month-old

So what precisely the one-month-old babies do? Generally, the baby is too young, but his actions and movements represent some developments and changes along with time. Babies are born with natural reflexes, and this month, they show reflexes of detecting and sucking mother feed.  Another reflex that one-month-olds do is the hand gesture of grabbing your finger. Your child will also jump or startle suddenly and that is also considered a natural reflex of the baby.

Babies in their first month intend just to eat, sleep, poop, and repeat. They will seek their mother’s love at a high level and will cry nonstop to stay will her at all times. Their sight and hearing are not perfect yet, but they will be able to listen and recognize voices. They know their mother’s scent very well, too, and touching with love will give them more warmth and affection.

We think we know everything, but we don’t

Some mothers feel that they are entirely ready for the baby that is going to come soon. But little do they know, it’s a whole different story when he arrives. Panic attacks and stress take over while thinking this was not what I was expecting, but as advice, to be mothers should always stay ready for anything. Every detail or knowledge related to growing up children does not apply to every child. So it’­s best to keep your research-specific and to the point so you will not be distracted while performing the critical tasks for your baby.

To provide your child all the love and attention they deserve, choose to learn from your own experience and see how your mothers have brought you up. Learning about motherhood is not easy, but experiencing it, in reality, is the real source of learning itself. One mother can never be too experienced or average for her baby because her child will train her to bring him up in the best manner.

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