Infants and Their Behavior; Two-Month-Old Baby Activities

by Ahsan Sohail
Infants and Their Behavior; Two-Month-Old Baby Activities

Babies are those little humans who collect affection and admiration more than anyone around them. Their presence between us makes us love our lives more than usual. They come for a reason in our lives, especially when we do not expect them the most.  A mother, who is given this gift after years of praying and practicing, is the only one who can describe the feeling of holding her infant in her arms. Babies are a true blessing who come to change our lives for good.

If such blessing comes to you, you must try your best to adapt it perfectly. Being a parent is no small duty. You should know how and when to become a parent, once you are given this opportunity. It wasn’t observational and prioritizing to look after children that deeply in earlier times. People just grew up the way their parents grew, and life was just that easy for them. They didn’t care how, when and where to understand their children more carefully. But in today’s time, it’s utterly different while handling a baby. What exactly it means to treat an infant carefully? Let’s look at some more details in the written statements for an answer.

Difference between older and modern ways of infant care

We know we have updated our parenting game well when we understand our infant’s behaviour quickly. It wasn’t tough understanding them before as people didn’t care how and when to be good parents. They just did what they were told and what they saw in their parents. Children weren’t prioritized in upbringing in earlier times. They were forced to live the lives what they didn’t wish to, and that is how they grew to teach their children the same rules and life patterns. Study, marriage, strictness, everything was forced and applied on to them for their whole lives. But now, it’s a whole new world for babies of today.

In modern times, we have widened the knowledge of babies’ growth more and become more understandable to their needs and importance. They are more relevant to us now, and we do not consider them just a duty but an essential part of our lives. We bring them into our lives with the utmost care, providing every necessity and need for their better upbringing. Before we welcome them into our lives, we make sure we have gathered all the information we need to look after them in the beginning. Still, it’s essential to learn through experience than reading out articles. A mother learns how to look after her baby only while doing it in real life.

How to care for an infant?

As far as it comes to obtaining knowledge about infants, we have also gathered some information related to bringing up infants in the best manner. We know that babies grow step by step in their specific age time, especially during their first year of growth. It’s the most critical time where kids come to speak, move and teeth at the same time till their first birthday.  A baby is capable of running on his own on his first candles blowout if he is taken care of responsibly. We can’t say that it’s natural for the baby to do all this because looking after his growth also plays a part in making all of this possible.

To stay calm and determined during your first months of baby care, make sure that you practice some productive and essential techniques before looking after your newborn. Be sure you learn through your baby’s development step by step, in the form of each month growth chart so that you will not find it hard dealing him every month.

How to deal with a two months old child?

We know how hard it can be during the first few months of your baby’s arrival. It can be critical staying up late with your baby or not understanding why he is crying all of a sudden? It is where information helps when you have studied your baby’s development cycle carefully. To be surer of what you learn, consider some more tips on two months old baby activities in the below description.

  • Make sure you are feeding your baby well. Breastfeeding and formula should go along well. A margin of 12-32 ounces of breast milk (if pumped) and 16-32 ounces of formula milk in 24 hours is a right level of liquid for infants in their second month. Overloading your child with feed can upset his tummy, so make sure you burp him right after his feed, or it will make him uncomfortable.
  • Apply lots of sensorial games with your two-month-old. Use some bright colour objects with sounds and move them across eyesight to help focus on hearing and vision. Be gentle in sound and gesture movement as they can be easily overstimulated.
  • Baby’s person recognition starts working at this phase, so make sure you call him more often if you want him to recognize you quickly. Other members of the family can also practice calling him, and that’s how he will be able to identify his family members rapidly when his eyesight clears.
  • Your child will change his sleep schedule during this month and will be willing to be rocked and played with more often. Be careful when and where you provide him with these necessities so that his sleep schedule is not disturbed. At night times, keep your activities calm and soothing so that he adapts sleep quickly and makes it a habit to sleep mostly at night.

It’s never hard to deal with an infant until one believes it is. Undoubtedly, babies are a 24/7duty shift and mothers are known to be best in it. No wonder why mothers take such praise and respect in our society. It’s a life-changing duty, and it’s only tiring when a mother believes she is not capable of doing it. Being a mother takes responsibility, so it’s best to make your mind stable and determined before you hold your baby in your arms.  

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