Infants and Their Behavior; Three-Month-Old Baby Activities

by Ahsan Sohail
Infants and Their Behavior; Three-Month-Old Baby Activities

Imagine coming out of the labour room while holding your infant in your hand for the very first time? How amazingly beautiful that moment will be for you to keep your whole world in your arms so gently? Yes, that’s the effect of even imagining having an infant in your life because for millions of females out there, they mean a world to them and for some; they consider their importance differently. Babies play an essential role in changing our lives for good, as they come and distract us from multiple reasons that keep us sad and upset daily. Babies begin to conquer our complete attention and trust me, and it’s worth it.

So now you are a full-time mom, and you are busy changing your baby’s diapers and feeding him day and night. However, you are tired and sleepy, along with a cranky attitude. You are upset but happy at the same time, and both situations are piling up in your head, creating a big ball of stress on your shoulders. Where will you find your escape, and how are you supposed to deal with so many burdens? This question is, every new mom’s concern, no matter how much ready or non-ready they were before their baby came. Being a new mom takes a lot of energy, but with a relevant and practical guide towards tough situations, any female can tackle further motherhood stress with professionalism.

New mothers and their problems

Women of today are very different from old times women.  It was not much of a concern to look deeply into a child’s phycology about what he needs or want? People tend to bring up their babies as they were brought up by their parents. It was not a very concerned time, and children just had to live their lives the way they were forced upon to live. But today, it’s an entirely different situation as children are given the utmost priority to live their lives as they wish to. Their choices and opinions matter and we work hard in bringing them up in a friendly and positive environment.

Mothers of today have absolute freedom of becoming one whenever they want along with learning how to be the best mother out there. Hundreds of websites and promotional motherhood workshops are available to guide first-time mommies to look after their infants ideally. Even for females who are not capable of becoming mothers naturally due to personal reasons can look out for several other options to obtain this blessing. Motherhood has become very convenient and approachable in the present time along with complete choice freedom for females of today.

How to look after a newborn?

The staircase to motherhood has begun, and you are climbing step by step along with your baby’s growth. But you are confused where and when to apply different techniques which will ease your baby’s development? Whatever you have learnt is not adaptable due to your baby’s unusual behaviour, so what to do now? Every new mother goes through this phase, especially in the beginning. No matter how much knowledge they have obtained one difference in their child’s actions, and they think nothing is working on them. So how can they solve this mystery?

They are looking after the newborn can be hard but not for those who have understood newborn baby’s phycology clearly. It doesn’t matter what nature a child has, as long as you know how to deal with a baby of a specific age.  For example, a baby’s growth changes from month to month, so how can one understand where and when to apply their knowledge correctly? To understand, let’s look at some of the significant points that can help a mother look after her three-month-old baby activities.

The third month of an infant and his activities

  • Motor skills: Your baby is growing faster now and has reached his third month successfully. He is becoming aware of his surroundings more and more along with settling into a proper schedule. His sleep, eat and poop timings are set, and you can get some extra nap times in day time as well. At this time, you will notice that your baby is moving his body more than usual, especially his neck. The baby can hold his upper body well now, even while lying on his tummy. Do some reflex exercises with him like grabbing and holding toys or helping the baby to move while holding his arms and legs. Small reflexive practices will help him get on his feet more quickly.
  • Vision development: Your baby’s eyesight is clear now and can recognize a person coming from several feet away. He will respond to movements and voices much quickly and look at the person straight in the eye. It’s the best time to start playing mini-games with him while having eye to eye conversations with him.
  • Sleep time:  Your baby’s sleep time is all set now but still if he gets up and cries for a long time, makes sure if he needs a change or feeding. Do these activities in off lights so that his sleep does not ware off.  It will keep the sleepy baby ad he will eventually go back to sleep.
  • Senses: Baby is responding to movement, touch, and hear more clearly now. So have more interaction with him while playing poems or other rhythmic sounds to help him focus on sounds. Play with bright coloured toys with him and enjoy pleasing cooing sounds of happiness from your baby.
  • Changes: Every child has its stage of developing so if your child is not responsive to these changes yet, give him more time and keep working on growth activities. He will eventually pick up his pace and change automatically. Just make sure you are keeping him busy with activities so that he doesn’t miss a thing.

Babies take their time adjusting into their home too as well as the new mother. So give them and yourself time slowly and you two will be inseparable forever.

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