Food Diaries; Twenty-Three-Months Baby Food Chart

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23 months baby food chart

Your baby is going to reach his second-year milestones with utmost proud achievements. As a mother, you served a lot for the sake of your baby’s growth and worked hard to provide everything you can to keep your baby’s development on top. It must have been hard, but you, being a mother, have so much strength that you were able to tackle every hurdle with determination.

Your baby must have given you a hard time while reaching his twenty-third month as babies become more fussy, clingy, and independent as they grow older. It’s hard convincing them for a logical task due to lack of humor, but mothers are the only ones that can understand and convince them. Your baby is now twenty-three months old and has shown a lot of progress in his diet as well. Let’s look at some essential facts that are necessarily related to a baby’s diet plan.

What does your baby need in his diet?

You can see a small being tumbling around your house every few minutes all the time. He is probably searching for something new to do to explore and play too as your baby is moving a lot, you must keep a detailed check on his diet plan, which most mothers consciously do. But when babies reach their second year, it’s hard making them sit in one place. However, mothers should be patient and willingly strong enough to handle their children for the sake of their health.

A toddler needs lots of nutrition in his food to keep him actively growing every day. His meal plan should include all those foods that have calcium, protein, vitamins, minerals, potassium, zinc, and carbohydrates that help boost your child’s development. Foods like fruits, vegetables, meat, milk, porridges, and cereals are high in these nutrients, and they must be there in the baby’s diet since the age of one.

Food ideas for a proper diet plan

As a mother, you are now used to making different kinds of foods and combinational meals for your baby according to his monthly growth. But you may have been facing some moody tantrums and fussy eating demands from your baby in the last few months. When turning two, babies come to understand what they are eating entirely. That’s why they say No to many meals, especially the ones that are there for quite some time.

That’s why we are here to give you some ideas related to your twenty three-months baby food chart and help you bring interest and happiness to your baby through your baby’s meal.

  • Chicken cheese and vegetable patties: This recipe is fresh and yummy for all the kids out there, reaching their age two. It’s a guarantee that they will love this meal in their day time meals. Grab some chicken pieces with cheese strips and vegetables of baby’s choice (half fried if possible) and create a mixture. Shape them into small patties, and shallow fry them. Your baby will enjoy the dish every time he eats it.
  • Tomato sauce and pasta with fruits as side dishes: Make a fancy plate with cut pieces of bananas and cucumber along with tomato sauce pasta on another side to give your child a fun and healthy snack. Babies love pasta, and they start from the eleventh month. It’s a healthy and fun snack and meal to serve.
  • Roast chicken with strawberries and papaya on the side: Grab yourself some chicken pieces and roast them up with slight butter. Cut them in small chewable chunks and set the plate with some strawberries and papaya cubes. Your baby will surely ask for more.
  • Meatballs with vegetables and pear at side: as we all know, babies have their own sectioned plates, so always decorate them with side dishes. You can give your baby some frozen meatballs (chicken or beef) shallow fried with oil or butter with pieces of pear and tomatoes.
  • Fruity salad with avocado sandwich, yogurt, and milk: Fruits are generally taken as side dishes or snacks so you can make your baby’s meal fun with adding in some strawberries and blueberries with an avocado sandwich. If your baby does not like the combination, you can skip the brad and give him a whole salad. 
  • Veggie soup with crackers: Soups are great for your baby’s tummy. They are light, yummy, and full of veggies’ nutrition. Cut the carrots, peas, and potatoes ( or any other vegetable as demanded by your baby)  and create the dish with some chicken chunks to enhance the flavor. It will be a great snack time meal for your baby, simple yet satisfying.

What if the baby is too picky?

We all know that kids of today are way different than the last generation as they are brilliant and intelligent in a fantastic way. They know what they are doing and wish to be appreciated for it. When it comes to feeding these babies, they are tough to convince. So what can mothers of these difficult kids do to get them eating healthy with fun? Below are some foods that can help your picky baby fulfill his tummy anytime.

  1. Homemade chicken nuggets
  2. High fiber chocolate bites
  3. Chocolate smoothie
  4. Banana split oatmeal bar
  5. Egg, cheese and chicken breakfast pizza
  6. Veggie soups
  7. Green berry soups
  8. Banana and whole wheat pancakes

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