How to Follow A Healthy Seventeen-Months-Baby Food Chart

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17 months baby food chart

After crossing six months of the second year, your baby can achieve multiple milestones and bring a considerable change in your baby’s life. They change your baby physically and mentally along with their personality, which indicates what and how they will be operating themselves in the future. Your baby is also fully independent by now and doing many of his activities by himself. It’s rare to see your baby asking for something to pick or hold while playing and is exploring his surroundings with utmost curiosity.

Many mothers still stay concerned as their babies are still too small for them and pamper them a lot by doing all of their tasks themselves. They are afraid of mess and getting their baby hurt in some way. Your baby needs the freedom to learn to be independent. If the baby does not do his tasks himself, he will eventually become lazy and dependent on his family members more.

Food concerns for seventeen-months-old baby

As your baby is growing with every passing month, his food concerns are getting changed and more attentive now. On your dinner table, your baby is probably snatching or asking or foods that you are eating and wants to eat his food with his own hands.

 Your child’s independence may make it hard for you to accommodate a stable schedule for your baby, but his choices will give you an idea of what to feed him and whatnot. 

It’s important to add protein and fat-based foods into your baby’s food chart regularly as he is on the move all the time, busy exploring the house with his instincts. Fatty and oil-based foods are also good for your baby’s energy along with stamina filled milk routine that helps your baby stay satisfied and active. If you show carelessness in giving your child his meal on time, he will probably forget to eat on time and become cranky for no reason.

What to feed a seventeen-months-old baby?

As your baby turns seventeen months, you will come to face some challenges related to moody tantrums and feeding times. It may become hard to understand where and what you should apply the foods that you have planned because ingredients need to be present at all times for a proper schedule follow up. Sometimes it’s hard to prepare the meal on time, so you quickly resolve to a second option. Its ok as this kind of problem becomes common after your baby grows up.

It’s hard dealing with your baby now, so you need more stamina and patience to deal with a fussy and active baby. Due to extreme stress and confusion, you may forget what to feed your baby at the exact time. Don’t worry as you are not alone in this matter, and to solve your problems related to your seventeen-months-baby food chart¸ we are here to guide you about some foods that you can quickly adapt even in emergency cases.

Food chart for seventeen months-baby

  • Breakfast: Give your baby some whole milk early in the morning after waking up and in mid-morning make some fruit pancakes or sugar-free yogurt to add on to breakfast. Oatmeal, fruit slices, simple vegetable sandwiches, and whole wheat paratha are also great options to add to your weekly food chart for baby.
  • Mid-Snack: There are tons of options for mid-day snacks like slices of soft apples, watermelon, mini pieces of grapes, banana slices, and strawberries. You can also add some smoothies of sugar-free flavored yogurt or whole milk by adding in only fruits.
  • Lunch: Time for a good substantial meal, or you can give your baby some boiled rice porridge or rice with light looked vegetables. Lemon flavored rice, sliced carrots, and cucumber, one cup vegetable rice, half-cooked mix vegetable, chapatti with veggies, or some wheat porridge are some adaptable choices for your baby’s lunchtime.
  • Evening snack: You baby should have at least two snack times in one day, so for other meal, you can give some fruits flavored porridge, fruit yogurt, some carrot and cucumber slices with boiled peas or green beans, cornflakes with milk, whole-wheat crackers or biscuits and cup of whole milk.
  • Dinner: Babies love pasta, so either adds it in lunchtime or dinner; it will be loved by them eventually. Wheat bread or chapattis are an excellent source of nutrition, so add them with mix cooked veggies or some butter gravy and green vegetables. Red bean rice or mashed daal rice and sweet bread with tomato sauce are some f the best dinner time meals for your baby.

What’s essential in a baby’s food?

Many parents tend to provide unlimited taste choices while they cross their sixth month of the second year as they say that children should learn about every taste. Some complain that their baby doesn’t leave the edible, so they have to give it to the baby no matter what. We shouldn’t go our fresh toddlers into their own choice of foods as they still don’t know what’s right for them. It’s an agreeable fact that kids should learn about every flavor, but they are still young and need to stay away from artificial and intense flavors as a precaution.

Children only need energy-boosting meals and drinks that will not only provide them growth speed but also stay relaxed and comfortable on their stomachs. That’s why make sure that whenever you are trying to create a food schedule for your baby, it has all the foods that can make your baby full and provide the right amount of nutrition for them. 

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