How can you improve your sleep disorders?

by Ahsan Sohail
how to improve sleep disorders

Being the most advanced generation of today, we are gathered with millions of possibilities in solutions for our every problem. We can easily reach for anything willingly and physically with several solutions available around us. But why are we still facing hundreds of physical and mental issues with every passing day? Why are we not living the perfect lives even though we have everything at a hand’s reach? Answers are available in uncountable forms when we sit and search for them; still, we will not be able to come to a suitable solution. Because there is not just one solution to all problems, there are millions of them.

Defining the term ‘disorders.’

One of the most common problems found among the individuals of today is having a mental or physical disorder. So what is this term ‘Disorder’? A disorder means to lack order or to have an abnormal physical or psychological condition. Disorders contain unbalanced or disturbed functions that occur in our body due to hormonal or diet imbalance. Usually, these disorders are caused by several reasons. Malfunctions caused inside our body strongly affect our functioning behavior and make our lives stressful to live daily.

What type of disorders people commonly face?

Listing down some of the significant disorders is not very difficult as these disorders have taken over society quite vastly. Due to the extreme usage of multiple sources that cause these problems, every individual with even a high school knowledge can easily predict someone’s disorder. Human disorders are mostly categorized into two types, Physical and Mental disorders. Following are some of the most commonly found mental disorders around our environment:

  • Anxiety Disorders
  • Eating disorders
  • Personality disorders
  • Stress, depression disorders
  • Psychotic disorders

Below are a few examples of some physical disorders too:

  • Acne
  • Chronic fatigue syndrome
  • Lupus
  • IBS( irritable bowel syndrome)
  • Endometriosis
  • Eczema

Discussing the most common disorder; Sleep Disorder

Sleeping disorder is considered to be the most common disorder found among youngsters. Sleeping habits have been one of the most concern for taking activities for a long time. Busy schedules stressed routine, packed time frames, people are handling their day to day lives very difficultly. Furthermore, the more facilities they are having, the more greed and uneasiness are piling up inside their heads, causing them to lose their resting times.

Sleeping disorder is not limited to one type of disorder. They include insomnia, sleep apnea, RLS(restless leg syndrome), and narcolepsy. The most commonly found category is insomnia. Insomnia is the situation where you lack sleep or resting feeling in your body, causing your brain to stay awake and focus less towards sleep.

Sleeping is a critical matter that makes millions worry over petty matters just because of less sleep. Non restful routine brings people into unpredictable behavior, making them behave like what they are not. Let’s look at some more points that define sleep disorder more clearly.

A Norm in Our Society

Sleeping has become a bit of a trend among our present generation. Staying awake, doing multiple physical and mental activities, taking away the resting time of our body is ruining the minds of our youth. Just like one famous quote being said, ’Excess of everything is bad, ’ it truly implies on these people. Being blessed with everything is still not enough, and this incomplete satisfaction is causing sleep disorders inside young brains.

Besides discussing the problem among several individuals, it’s being adapted as a trend very commonly now. People are focusing more on tasks rather than their bodies and themselves. Creating a norm between society, activities at night has become a major status symbol among the crowd. Parties, occasional gatherings, late-night brunches, traveling, screen time, and many other activities are being applied in our resting hours. Other than these, many people are facing mental depressions and anxieties, causing their sleep to fade.

Common reasons and causes for sleep disorders

Listed below are some of the most commonly found reasons and causes for sleep disorders:

  1. Allergies and respiratory problems: Bodies responsive to these problems:s usually take away the sleep from our brains. Allergies, colds and upper respiratory infections make it difficult to breathe at night, causing the person to be irritated and stay awake.
  2. Chronic pain: Constant body pains make it hard to rest our brains.
  3. Hormonal issues: Constant urinating, diseases, hormonal issues are also the reasons for inadequate sleep.
  4. Stress, Anxiety, Depression: Thinking and focusing too much on negative thoughts are highly responsible for awake nights.

Cure towards sleep disorders

When we talk about health problems, we always have hope for a solution for them because our medicinal field has revolutionized treatments in surprising ways. Not only that, personal or ancient solutions are being adapted more now by millions around the world for better health reasons. So when we come to think about sleep problems, we also have a good detail related to their solutions too. The following statements are some of the easiest adaptable solutions that can help many to overcome their sleeping issues.

  • Medicine:  The most commonly adaptive procedure for sleeping disorders is medicinal treatment. People with a lack of sleep take prescribed medication to soothe their nerves and sleep properly. These medications include sleeping pills, melatonin supplements, allergy or cold medication etc. Always seek the prescribed medicine instead of curing your sleeping problem with your intuition.
  • Changing our lifestyle: Adapting change in our lives is not an easy step to take for hundreds of people. But it should be clear that bringing change into their lives will have a huge impact on their health. Bringing in more healthy habits into life affects the sleeping routine. Have good diet plans, exercising to distract from tension, less liquid drinking before bedtime, limitations caffeine, ban tobacco use, and consuming smaller and low carbohydrate meals before sleep time guarantees some good resting hours.
  • Focusing more on positivity: Bringing ourselves into a routine of the following positivity among our daily tasks also implies a great level of satisfaction. Looking out for people who appreciate you, support you and guide you, help overcome the negativity in the form of anxiety and depression piled up inside our heads. Words are stronger; they look so bring yourself to take in more positive words from your gatherings. Private yourself to do something for yourself. Make a meal or beverage of your own choice or watch something you love over televisions or tablets. Give time to yourself too to overcome stressful nights.
  • Meditate: Meditation is the best use for brain relaxing. Focus on something constant and soft for a few minutes and clear your head with long breathing. Practice breathing exercises and bring in soft and comfortable thoughts that ease your mind. Giving yourself 15 minutes every day for meditation can bring a huge difference in your thinking.

Consistency is the key to useful solutions

All it takes to change yourself is determination and persistence and no hurdle will be hard enough to stop you. Sleeping must be considered an essential part of your life if you wish to have some for yourself at night times. Sleep may seem simple and easy to perform but it’s a very rare blessing for people with insomnia. However, sleep is easily approachable once the individual is determined to work hard for it.

Anything is possible if you bring yourself to stay intact to your intentions. Working over your disturbed routine and careless habits eventually bring you down by your very own hands, which is why it’s essential to consider that only you can change all that with your own hands. So look out for positive results related to your sleep problems, choose the best you can do and start slow. Once you get used to it, you will feel your life-changing right in front of you.

Prioritize sleep over everything

You need to make sure you are not including anything extra into your schedule. Plan your day carefully. Add in activities that do not take up much time to perform. Give yourself space and try to live a comfortable life. Bringing in more tasks and to-dos make our brain more typical, causing it to become restless. That’s why choose wisely and sleep at the proper time every night. Focus on sleeping at the same time every night so that it becomes habitual. Push yourself to work in this schedule so that it comes into a routine and it becomes a norm for you to apply. Nothing is impossible once carried along with utmost desire and focus. So try your best to improve your sleep by keeping it a priority.

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