Eyesight matters; Tips to have a good eyesight

by Ahsan Sohail
tips to improve the eyesight

Eyes are one’s mirror that reflects the beauty of the soul. They are considered to be the best of the best creation inside our body that does not change throughout our entire life. Since the day of birth, until we die, our eyes never change their size or color in which they are created. Eyes are a magnificent piece of our body and that’s why they need to be given the utmost attention in all cases. Using our eyes is an unconscious and natural action performed by our body, which is why we need to keep an eye on their usage and care the most at all times.

Importance of eyes and eyesight

Being honored with healthy and working eyes is truly a blessing. Having a decent pair of eyes makes spending our lives on a casual basis is a lot easier. Eyesight is an essential part of our day to day body functioning. We cannot perform our valuable tasks daily if we feel irritated or blur in our eyes for some reason. Even a speck of dust in our eye can cause irritation and distraction in our daily tasks. Healthy eyes with promising eyesight is a very valuable gift for us, and we should always cherish it the most.

Important, but how much?

It’s crucial to keep a check over our eyesight usage because it may seem unnoticeable but it leaves a huge impact on our body functioning. If we use our eyes, especially for screen usage too much, we will feel tiredness and itchiness in our eyes due to dryness and constant stare. The water inside our eyes needs to stay wet with blinks and when we constantly stare towards a single side or object, especially screens, they get disturbed, which causes itching, dryness and stretchy feeling inside our eyes. That’s why while using eyes for some important tasks, always blink and move more so that your eyes don’t get tired that easily.

What role does our eyesight play for our bodies?

Just like any other body part, eyes and their eyesight play a significant function inside our body. With a unique structure built inside our heads along with a technical sight system attached with eyes, they are capable of watching every color and movement thoroughly. Our eyes consist of 576-megapixel vision at degrees of 120*120*60*60/(0.3*0.3). The complete angle of human vision may need even more megapixels, but this type of image factor employs a vast arrangement camera to document more pixels of our eyes. That’s how amazing our eyes are!

What’s more to creativity?

According to further studies, our unique eyesight system is built-in with an extremely typical vein system that enables blood flow to work constantly in and out of the eye. Besides that, a good and efficient functioning system allows the eye to work perfectly for a longer period. To keep that possibility of working, one should always apply healthy habits for the sake of eye health. Good eyesight is only possible with encouraging eyesight care habits.

Problems that our eyes face nowadays

While doing the best they can, our eyes can surely come to a point where they can face crucial problems due to excessive use. These problems can also be genetically common among family members or related by blood friends. But mostly, our eyes are damaged due to multiple reasons that include excessive use of the screen, starting at smartphones for longer period of time, late-night television sessions, sleeping with contact lenses, hard rubbing, bad diet schedule, no goggle usage in sunlight, bad sleep timings, ignoring eyesight glasses, etc. All of these problems are found extremely common, along with every third individual.

What can be the cause of bad eyesight?

Above, we mentioned some critical issues related to eyesight that are very commonly found among people. They all are counted as the most common reasons for bad eyesight. But still, we will think of the main cause that leads to all these problems? Through a detailed opinion, the most common answer will be carelessness towards the usage of eyes. Because we tend to do multiple actions very consciously and using our eyes at an extreme level is one of them.

Careless screen sessions, no safety glasses during hot sunny days, and constant staring sessions with minor work are the biggest causes of bad eyesight. Caring less for your eyes lead up to bad health of eyes, making you uncomfortable and sick in the future. We need to know what we are doing with our eyes before it’s too late.

Dependable Tips and tricks for perfect eyesight

After having a long discussion over problems of eyesight, let’s look at the bright side and take a look at some positive and appreciating eyesight solutions. Below are some healthy and achievable remedies that can help to keep up good eyesight in your old age days.

  1. Exercise: constant focus brings dryness in your eyes, so try to move your retina more even during a still activity. Change the vision direction and move your eyeball in circular motions from left to right in a clockwise and anti-clockwise motion. Use your finger in front of the eyes to move your eyeball in all directions. It will help your eye to focus correctly. Squeeze your eyes shut for three seconds and open them for quicker blood flow. It will help adjust the stretchiness in your eyelids.
  2. Consume more vitamins: Eating proper is also an essential asset of healthy eyes. Find yourself foods rich with omega-3 fatty acids and vitamins C and E. Green vegetables, salmon, eggs and citrus fruits are the best choices to give a head start to yourself.
  3. Protect your eyes outside: Summer brings lots of sun into our life. Everyone surely loves beach activities and water fun. So it’s best to keep eye eyewear with UV protection shades at the face at all times. Especially when having an outdoor activity, keep on some comfortable and stiff sun goggles so that your eyes are safe from the sun.
  4. Take breaks during screen time: Constant screen stare brings the most discomfort to our eyes. If your job includes screen work more often, try to take short breaks during your work. Move your eyes towards wider scenery to calm down the eye pressure or close your eyes for a few minutes to help your eyes relax for a bit. Splash water in eyes to clear any blurs due to constant stare. It will help sooth stretch over the side, foreheads quickly.
  5. Regular eye checkups: Make sure you are visiting your doctor regularly. Not only for eyes, but your whole body checkup needs to be your topmost priority. Keeping a check about ourselves keeps us away from unexpected sicknesses and problems. Consult an eye doctor every three months to have a thorough check over your eyesight.
  6. Lose the old makeup: Females need to pay attention to this point because constant use of makeup also affects the mobility of our eyesight. Leaving on makeup overnight or using old and expired makeup can also lead to poor and blurry vision. Furthermore, multiple eye diseases and disabilities can be caused if chemical-based products are leftover our eyes for a longer time period. Products may be best in quality if you buy any branded products, but they still consist of chemicals and are not suitable for our sensitive eyes for an extended time frame.

Eyes matter just like every other body part

In this modern world of business, we tend to ignore many facts and features related to our care. Due to extremely fast and busy schedules, we usually ignore minor issues related to our health which further leads to significant health problems in the future. Eyesight care is considered to be a major part of our health care and needs to be taken into attention regularly. Being ignorant and careless will only lead us into despair and regret; that’s why it’s best to look for solutions before the time comes.

Being curious about our bodies is not something common or unimportant. If we wish to stay working and walking even in our older days, we need to look forward to taking good measurements of our bodies. Because only a well-oiled machine can work longer than it’s time period. So to keep our machine of life working slow and steady, we need to look after our bodies more often.

Eyes do more than we know

Having good eyesight is everybody’s concern. Watching our loved ones and lovely sceneries will always be a pleasant action to perform. Or watching your favorite person move around you is also an acceptable and appreciated scene to adapt. So let’s not ruin our eyes and apply healthy and adaptable activities to stay healthy.

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