Sleep Solution; Psychological Effects of Sleep Deprivation

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psychological effects of sleep deprivation

Sleep is an essential part of a healthy lifestyle. One can never stay active and fresh if his sleep timings are disturbed and not followed as per the body’s demand. Sleeping is a must-have requirement of our body which needs to be fulfilled daily. Nighttime sleep is more crucial than any other time of rest because our collection is designed to work 24 hours a day and when it reaches its last 6 hours it needs a break and relaxes for the next day. If we lack in giving our body the sleep it needs, it will end up in multiple health problems.

Importance of sleep for our body

Many of us wonder why such a minor task of our collection deserves so much consideration. Here’s why:

  • Rest is responsible for benefiting us with better productivity and concentration. It helps us focus on our work, think through essential matters and concentrate on every task we are doing. It works with our brain effectively, makes it eligible to make decisions on every level and does not make us look like a fool in front of people in the matters of any knowledge.
  • Better sleeping schedules keep our body in shape and restrict it from gaining weight. It may not be clear that there is a secure link between sleep and weight but researches have shown sleep issue as one of the causes of obesity and weight gaining. 
  • Sleep keeps our calories in check, especially when we follow the rest and eat timings at a distance. It’s essential to eat at least 5 hours before bedtime to keep the bodyweight in shape and maybe lose a little during your sleep.
  • Rest gives our body a significant boost to working with high energy. The more we sleep and provide our entire body rest, more positive results it will present through our activities and focus. An average adult must take 7-9 hours of sleep while athletes may require a couple of hours more than an ordinary person. It gives them better performance intensity, energy, coordination, speed and mental functioning.
  • Sleep helps our heart stay well with good night sleep. Relaxing down our blood pressure through sleep keeps our heart regulating correctly and let it rest a little with all the pumping duty.
  • Sleeping affects your personality traits, as well. A well-rested person never fights and argues with someone or takes anything negative into his opinion, while a tired and sleepless person will be nothing less than an animal with people around him. Sleep is an essential part of our brain’s functioning, and if it’s not given its right from your side, then it will show what it can do with our body.

What are the reasons for sleep deprivation?

Sleep deprivation means a person who is sleeping less in his eye shut hours and have the urge to stay awake and alert for some reason.  Sleep deprivation occurs more in adults than younger people and children due to several reasons. Some turn it into a habit and are not able to get the beauty sleep their body needs.  Excessive stress and anxiety of work or personal affairs make our mind restless, causing issues between our sleeping hours. When someone gets used to this routine, he has sleep deprivation.

Sleeping problems make a person lazy and non-cooperative during his daytime tasks, leading him to develop emotional difficulties, poor job performance, obesity and a lower perception of life. Sleep deprivation is an enemy of our brain and to understand this problem better, here are the 12 reasons that are responsible for creating such a messy routine.

  1. Irregular sleep schedule
  2. Late-night eating
  3. Excessive screen time
  4. Stress and anxiety
  5. Pregnancy
  6. Chronic illness
  7. Late night work demands
  8. Night shifts
  9. Minor disease like influenza, menstruation, flu, etc.
  10.  New motherhood
  11. Personal choice to use night for your own time
  12.  Disturbing environment

How sleep deprivation affects us psychologically?

As much as sleep affects our physical health, it’s responsible for our mental health as well. One of the main reasons for sleep deprivation is stress and anxiety, which is already very unhealthy for our mental state. A person who is already dealing with self-acceptance issues brings in the side effects of these problems, including sleep deprivation. Sleep disturbance affects us psychologically at a higher level. How much impact it has on our mental state? Let’s look at some answers in below statements for Psychological Effects of Sleep Deprivation:

  1. It drains away psychic abilities and puts your physical health at significant risk. All kinds of health problems are possible to expect from sleeping issues.
  2. Your memorization abilities weaken, and you start forgetting every minor to significant memories. 
  3. You face multiple mood swings while dealing with day to day routine and feel irritated for little things.
  4. Your thinking and concentration abilities will be affected as well and making the smallest decision will be a massive nuisance for you because you won’t be able to focus correctly. 
  5. Your sleepy brain will let you make mistakes a lot, and every minor to a significant accident can happen when you are not attentive enough.
  6. You will face high blood pressure problems that will make your body uneasy, and internal functioning will be disturbed profoundly.
  7. You may gain weight due to stress and sleep lacking because the body will stay in a conscious state in most hours, unable to give itself a rest.
  8. Bad internal functioning due to lack of sleep can bring you to face heart problems.
  9. You may risk yourself into diabetes and have weak immunity which can cause minor illnesses to you quickly.
  10.  Your intimation drive will be low, and you will not like someone getting close to you for any personal reasons.

Sleep deprivation is like an arrow pierced in the brain that defects it deeply and rashly. Everyone should know the importance of sleep, no matter how busy life is if they wish to live some extra years in their future life.

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