Quick Solutions; How to Stop Snoring While Sleeping?

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how to stop snoring while sleeping

Sleeping keeps our brain functioning properly and regularly as its one of the essential factors of a healthy body—people who have regular sleep cycles and take their rest priority seriously never come to behave differently. Of course, sleep has become less prioritized in present days due to excessive use of screens and other distractible necessities. Sleeping hours have become less as there is so much in mind that it becomes restless and doesn’t allow the individual to sleep on time.

One who has a sleeping problem can face some snoring issues too. People who snore have a specific amount of reasons in which lack of sleep is also present. Snoring is not done intentionally and is instead done due to multiple health issues. Why and when a person breathes? Let’s look at some details to find the answer.

Why is snoring not a good sign for health?

Snoring is caused by air flows that pass through relaxed tissues making some hard and harsh sounds in our throat. During this procedure, our tissues vibrate during breathing, throwing out an annoying sound. Frequent snoring can be a wrong indication of a severe health condition; that’s why it essential to take action if you find yourself snoring more than usual with a horse yet scary snoring sound. It’s not much of a nuisance for the person who sleeps but rather for people around him;, especially for a regular bed partner. Make sure you work on it quickly, or you may find yourself getting nudged or slapped almost every night.

Why we snore?

There are tons of reasons for snoring. Some people have nasal conditions that make their throat vibrate every time they sleep, while some people have different reasons to snore occasionally. Some of those reasons are:

  • People who get old often breathe because throat muscles relax widely during sleep that causes vibration in inhaling and exhaling more strongly.
  •  Some people are born with specific physical ailments in the nose and throat that end up in creating snores. The most common issues are the deformation of bone structure and nasal polyps, enlarged tonsils, and adenoids. Some people also suffer from the sensitive immune system due to which they become victims of influenza quickly.
  • Your sleep style also matters when it comes to snoring. If you are lying straight in bed, your nose position faces an interruption in breathing, causing vibration in the airways, and you end up unconsciously snoring. 
  • If you use alcohol, it’s also a part of snoring problems.
  • Overweight conditions cause neck fat to expand, making more space for air and snoring.

How to put a stop to snoring?

Many people, especially bed partners, are sick of their partner’s snoring habits day after day. Some may take drastic steps to stop their partner from snoring like pushing them to the side, blocking nose with fingers, or put a pillow on their mouth. We shouldn’t exceed to such level as it may end up badly, that’s why we are going to share some of the tips and tricks that victims and their partners can apply to get rid of the constant snoring.

  1. Try losing weight if your weight is above your average level. Overweight people often face snoring issues due to excessive fat in their neck that is responsible for snoring. Just try adding in some healthy meals instead of fatty, fried foods into your meals along with some exercises to sweat up some fat into your daily routine, and you can lose some weight quickly.
  2. Adjust your sleeping position at night. Make sure you are not sleeping with your face up, or you will find yourself snoring all night. It will also disrupt your breathing and make you panic in your sleep. Always sleep at your right side as it works best for all the internal functions of our body, including your brain.
  3. Make sure your pillow is a little high when you sleep at night. The straight head does not work for a good night’s sleep pattern.
  4. If you’re still finding it difficult not to snore at night, use any nasal strips or an external nasal dilator that helps to keep the airways from vibrating. You can easily find them near a pharmacy or drug store.
  5. Get yourself tested for any chronic allergies or serious illnesses that have not been detected in you yet. Allergies are also responsible for reducing airflow through your nose like pollen and asthma.
  6. If you have a dislocated or unbalanced nose or bone, get it fixed. The misalignment in the shape of the nose also produces reasons to snore frequently. Talk to your doctor for further decisions if you are planning for it.
  7. Make it possible to consume less sugar or alcohol-based products before going to bed.
  8. Smoking before bed also disrupts a good night’s sleep. Work on your smoking timings if you are a regular smoker and avoid smoking before sleep times.
  9. Do not let your sleep get disturbed due to the excessive amount of workload or stress. Make sure you leave out everything off before climbing your bed and love your sleep more than any other stressful reason.
  10. Using mouthpieces like ‘oral appliances’ also works excellent with air passages in your mouth. It keeps them open and makes it easy to breathe.  
  11. If you are dealing with seasonal allergy and your nose is runny or blocked, it can also make you snore t night. Take your nasal drops or sprays regularly to prevent any snoring disruption.
  12. Are you tired from work? Feeling exhausted after a long day and tiring, the body also alarms out in the form of snoring. Try to relax and take a hot beverage before going to bed to have restful and snore-free sleep.

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