How to Stop Someone From Snoring Without Waking Them Up

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how to stop someone from snoring without waking them up

Who doesn’t love sleeping? Resting on your comfy bed after a long day of hectic work schedule makes a person admire his bed more than anything in the world. Sleeping may seem an enjoyable act of comfort, but there is a problem that may differ from this opinion. Yes, we are talking about snoring here. Snoring is a part of sleep that occurs due to specific reasons. Some may do it as a habit while some do it due to a problem in their nose; it can be anything. If you wish to know more about the issue, keep reading, and you will learn some fantastic answers.

Snoring; causes and problems

So what exactly is snoring? Snoring a loud or harsh sound that happens when the air in nose flows through soft tissues inside our throat, making the muscles move in vibration as you breathe. Snoring during sleep can occur due to many different reasons. It’s an unconscious act that many of us do in our sleep almost every day. Some say that we snore when we are too tired or when we have bad flu. Some of the snoring symptoms include:

  • Having a low, thick, soft palate in the mouth that can narrow your airway. Overweight people have these narrow airways due to extra fatty tissues in the back of throats.
  • They were consuming alcohol regularly, especially before bedtime makes the person snore more than ever.
  • Nasal issues that have constant interruption with nose functioning are also responsible for snoring issues. People with lousy nose shapes or inner dysfunction often face snoring problems in sleep.
  • Lack of sleep makes snoring possible. Not getting the sleep you desire can make your throat relax more than ever.
  • The sleeping position also matters when it comes to constant snoring. Lying down straight on your back squeezes your nasal airways, creating hard and deep snoring sounds at night. Be careful while doing that, or you may feel a pillow on your face soon.

Snoring is a chronic problem

We may find it a little funny because snoring is mostly taken lightly and in an amusing way to make fun of someone, but for some people, it may turn out to be a chronic disease or illness that can affect their health severely in the future. How can one know if their snoring is a lousy indication for health problems? Let’s take a look at some symptoms:

Usually, having these symptoms lead to a problem called obstructive sleep apnea (OSA), and to make sure you do not have any link to such an issue, make sure you see the doctor if you face any of these symptoms.

How to stop someone from snoring?

Let’s come back to our main question, that is still a question mark for many people around the world. Many partners have to face sleepless nights due to their partner’s heavy snoring all night. They are not able to stop them, nor thy know how to do it. Snoring is not a severe illness if it happens occasionally. But when it becomes regular, it may not affect you, but it will surely disrupt your partner’s sleep and affect your relationship. So, people who are looking for the answer of how to stop someone from snoring without waking them up, we have some answers lined up just for them in detail below.

  1. Help your partner to change his sleeping position. Slightly move them to improve their position if they are not budging. No need to pinch his nose in anger; push his arm and make him change his position even when he is sleeping. It will start working sooner.
  2. Make sure there are no allergens around your partner that are making him snore more than ever.
  3. Give him a nasal spray or anti-snore clip to wear on the nose before sleeping to keep those snores quiet.
  4. You can turn on the humidifier in the room at night to provide moisture in the air. These humidifiers help create dust-free air, and some even make humming sounds at night, which will help your partner to sleep better and consciously.
  5. Make sure your partner is taking his sleep times seriously. Do not let him get tired or over-worked or skip his night sleeps often. Disrupted sleeping schedules become reasons for bad snoring issues.
  6. Provide some pillow support to your partner at the side to make him feel comfortable.

What to expect if nothing works?

Still, after learning some tactics to deal with your partner’s snores, you are finding it difficult to sleep soundly at night because of long term snores; you need to start noticing what else is causing it. Men are born with the natural curse of snoring more than women. Maybe because of body structure difference or more sensitive nasal functioning, who knows? All that matters is that men snore more than females, so it’s natural to see one doing it often.

See if your man is over-weight and need to lose some to get stable in snoring. Your partner may have a lousy airway problem inside his nose, so get him checked. If he drinks more at night, stop him from doing so, and if it’s in the family, well, good luck with sleeping with him.

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