Infant Love; Three Months Old Baby Food Chart

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Three Months Old Baby Food Chart

Your baby is a little more grown-up now and is showing signs of various developments in his personality and actions. During the last two months, while dealing with your baby, you must have seen exhausting moments, tired nights, and unlimited feeding time in your new motherhood life. However, you have stabilized a bit and know pretty well when and where to handle your baby with love and care during sleep and eat timings.

Your baby is now sleeping a little differently than before and responding more clearly. The baby is more aware of his surroundings far along with understanding his family gestures and voices. As your baby is growing, you will notice that the reflex where your baby was instantly startled or scared at a sudden movement or sound is fading quickly. Neck stability is secure, and upper body movement is stable enough to be held during lying on the stomach. 

How much a three-month-old grows during the first three months?

Your baby changes a lot during his very first months, and it’s not hard seeing the signs of growth and development in your baby. You can keep a picture record of your baby every day or week, and you will eventually come to see how much your baby has grown. The baby’s eyesight gets bright, and his body stability becomes more stiff and concentrative; also, he will reply to your sounds and gestures with small cooing sounds, head shakes, and arms swinging.

Your baby will have a proper feeding time, and you know when and where your baby will need to eat and sleep during day and night time. The baby is now holding and letting go of his rattles or trying to put them in his mouth. Mothers surely enjoy changes in their babies with every passing month, giving them the unique experience of life. 

Three months old babies and their food cycle

Usually, your baby is feeding on mother feed or formula milk without any extra, including cow milk or honey, which should not be there till he turns one. If your baby is fussier during meal times and showing signs of more variety to his foods, some adjustable meals are good to add to your baby’s diet.

It’s rather common to know that doctors suggest solids or any other healthy meal for the baby from the fourth month. If you wish to introduce your child with more food variety and taste, you can follow some of the below tips to provide your baby with the right food just before the right time.

What to feed a three months old baby?

Here is a small three months old baby food chart that can help new mothers to adjust their baby’s hunger needs if they start changing during their third month.

  • Usually, babies of three months are fed regularly on the breast or formula milk. If your baby s fussing and getting irritated on just regular milk feed, try some pureed vegetables like sweet potatoes and squash at least one time a day.
  • You can also add pureed fruits like apples, bananas, and peaches that are liquidly and quickly gulp able. 
  • Chicken meat is also eatable in pureed form for babies if you want to satisfy your baby more than usual.
  • Iron-fortified cereals are best for the beginning solids for three or more months of babies. 
  • A small quantity of sugar-free yogurts, in multiple flavors, is also an appreciative option for your baby’s food.

Which month is best for solids?

Let’s keep that in mind that solids get in demand in the fourth month after birth. It’s rare o see a baby getting irritated from milk routine quickly as babies love to milk more than anything until solids start to enter. Being a mother, if you feel that your baby is resisting milk more often near his fourth month or in the middle of third month, you can add one meal from the above foods into his day time meals so that he can gradually get used to solids until the time comes. 

Many pediatricians have discussed excessively over the right time of starting solids, so it’s still not sure whether to start them at a third or fourth month for baby. It’s also essential to keep a difference between every baby demand and not to force solids before time if your baby is not ready or asking for it.

What’s more important; milk or solids?

If you are a new mother, you may come to face some hurdles like not understanding the sequence of solids and milk altogether. The latest changes in meal routine for your baby will give you a little stress and confusion as your baby will be having something different than usual. You may start focusing more on solid foods rather than keeping the formula or mother feed check daily. It’s advised not to lose focus on milk routine as your baby is still young and wants your milk desperately at different times.

Milk routine should never be disturbed, and breast milk is best to continue until two years. If it’s hard keeping yourself regular with mother feed, continue your baby’s feed strictly until six months straight and do not start anything else. After the sixth month, you can begin to wean and get your baby used to formula and solids regularly. Every mother’s situation is different when it comes to feeding, so try to adjust your baby’s routine according to his needs and your personal preferences.

What to expect in the third month of the baby?

Keep in mind that babies face different development and growth sprouts throughout their months, especially in their first year of age. So mothers are suggested to keep their knowledge and skills up to date in case they do not want to face any anxiety over new changes in their babies.

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