Baby Milestones; Twenty Months Old Baby Activities

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20 months old baby activities

When a woman becomes a mother, she knows she is going to face a lot of ups and downs with completely different twists and turns of life. Living with a baby and watching him grow is truly a magnificent experience that teaches an individual how to look after personal life, along with the significant other’s as well. Babies bring joy and sadness together with themselves, especially if you are a mother of a twenty months old baby, you are on a peek of learning new developments in your baby.

Babies tend to prefer multiple types of activities and learning throughout their monthly growth cycle. During the first year of the baby’s life, he comes to learn about talking, walking, speaking, and understanding his environment. The coming year makes it more attractive as the baby goes all out to explore what he has developed in himself. While mentioning the monthly development, activities for a twenty months old baby also interest us to learn more about them. Let’s observe some for information on babies in their twentieth month of growth.

Development of a twenty months old baby

If you are a new mother, you will experience the twenty-month development of your baby for the first time, as you will notice multiple different changes from his two to three months older growth signs. Every month, your baby will show you some new posters and growth sprouts along with several other visible changes.

Independence: Now, your child is entirely independent as he is walking and running around the house doing everything he wants. Your baby is resisting and accepting your offers in meals, drinks, and playtimes or resisting washing hands, sitting still in a car seat, and changing diapers or clothes. 

The feeling of independence makes your child more conscious of the tasks around them, so make sure you give them a lot of opportunities to do jobs for you. Your baby has his personality now and may love to hang out around people or hate them.

Weight and height: The importance of your baby is probably 24.4 pounds for a girl and 25 pounds for a boy by now. The average height of your baby will be 32.6 inches for a girl and 33.1 inches for the boy now.

Milestones: So, what exactly is your baby doing by now? Walking and running are fluent for your baby now, and if your baby is showing slow signs of development, then he is probably toddling and strolling in the house and falling quite often while running. Speech words are more in the count and much clear to pronounce now. Mama, Dada, yes, no, ok, what, what’s that? Are simple words that most babies speak by now, but some take time and stick with just mama and Dada with every task they do. 

The teething cycle of your twenty months old baby is almost complete as lower second molars are popping through, so don’t be stressed if your baby gets fussy suddenly.  At twenty months, many babes are ready to be potty trained, so bring a small and comfortable potty seat to start your training. Play some potty training poems and read them books along with showing them examples of baby’s elder siblings to motivate them.

Behavior:  Your baby is almost two years old, so, naturally, you will find changes in his response. You will often see tantrums, separation anxiety, wrong physical usage like pushing and hitting. Do not reply in the same manner and stay patient while teaching them or punishing them.

Sleep:  The baby is probably taking a single nap in the day time and whole night sleep at night time by now. Try your best to keep the cycle of 13.5 hours of sleep every day, managing nap time and night time together. If your baby is not sleeping well, try managing his surroundings first. Turn off sounds and other nosy devices around the baby or bring him into his room while dimming lights and closing curtains. Sing lullabies and humming sounds while rocking him or lye him down on his bed and sing to him softly. Your baby will eventually fall asleep, so keep it simple until he gives up.

Activities for a twenty months old baby

If you are struggling to look for you twenty months old baby activities, then you can try the intellectual and exciting activities that we have listed down to help you work on your baby’s development and growth.

  1. Get your child to do some coloring in his free time. Grab some paints, wax, or plain paper and tape to support the article.  Accommodate your baby in a spacious area with covered floor and paste the paper on to the surface. Let your child play with paints with spearing them on the paper with hand. Creating creativity with his own hands will help him focus on color balancing and shape making.
  2. The play object hides and seeks with your child. Hide a toy in your hands or at the back and ask your child to guess if it’s there or not. Question games help the child to focus on guess and learn techniques along with object permanence and observation. 
  3. Make your child do some small chores with you. Give your toddler a piece of cloth along with a toy or object to clean something. Try to act out some cleaning in front of your baby so that he can copy your gestures. Cleaning activity will help your baby to develop motor skills and chore interest.
  4. Spend some time alone with the baby in a spacious area or outdoors. Make sure your baby is well-fed, and diaper changed so that he can be energetic and happy while playing with him. Play along with your baby and observe what he likes to do. Ask him to lead and follow him. Please bring along a ball or toys to have some fun with him. Spending luxury time with your baby will help him merge into his environment and be comfortable around outside air.

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