Baby Development; 17 Months Old Baby Activities

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17 Months Old Baby Activities

Your baby has reached the seventeen-month of his life now and is ready to show you some exciting seventeen months old baby activities with every morning startup. You will be seeing your baby opening cabinet doors, carrying objects and their toys around the house and even screaming like a monkey all day. You baby is unstoppable now and is willing to give all his stamina into playing to heart’s content. Another change that will be clear is that your baby’s confidence will rather be positive or negative.

Either your baby loves to hang around people, or he will be scared to meet anyone around him except his mother. Your baby will not ask for help and try to do everything on his own but still, make sure baby plays under your supervision and help him out time after time. Mother is always preferred first by the baby at this age and baby will expect his mother to do the same, so if your baby gets upset from your choices, make him trust you with love first.

Development of a seventeen-month-old baby

 Progress and its recovery activities depend on the behaviour of your baby. Your baby may not show every sign you read over the web about your baby’s development. Some children are mischievous from nature, and some will prefer playing quietly. It’s alright to be different, and your baby will be reaching more milestones and keep growing every day. 

Your baby is much more substantial than before now, and as calculated according to the world health organization, a healthy baby of this age is about 22.1 pounds for girls and 23.7 pounds for boys. The height of your baby will be approximately 31.4 inches for girls and boys; it will be 32.0 inches by the age of seventeen months. As every mother knows, your child has a monthly checkup set after every three to four months, so make sure you get him checked by 18 months for a full body checkup. These checkups allow you to how much your baby is growing. 

Baby and milestones of seventeen-month

By the time of seventeen months, your baby is walking normally and may start running sooner. The speech is probably much better now, and minimum 2-3 words are being said by your kid every day. Maybe for some children, terms may have a larger count, but it’s ok if your child has a limited speech list. The baby is making some noises to present his actions now and replying to your speech too. It is a sign of good growth, and your baby is close to speaking. If your child doesn’t respond to these signs, please have his hearing checked sooner. 

Teething sessions for upper and lower teeth are done now, so make sure you are ready for a third session. Close ones may suggest some potty training but its ok to start slow and easy. You need to make sure your child is giving you signs before you start his training. Buy a potty seat for training and read some potty training books for him. You can also show him any examples of kids around him to get convinced. Your baby will be happy to ditch the diaper, but it’s all about keeping him still on a seat until it completes.

Sleep schedule of baby

 Usually one to two year old kids need at least 11-14 hours of sleep on daily basis. This count is probably fulfilling by nighttime sleep and a one-time afternoon nap, but some kids still skip day time nap and complete the cycle in their night sleep. There can be lots of reasons like teething, constipation and separation stress to make your child stay awake for a longer time. If your child suddenly starts skipping his naps, go to the root and keep the schedule going, apply soothing environment around them to catch up to their routine again.

Eating habits for your child

Your baby is probably having regular three-time meals with you on the table by now along with some formula time and two snack times. It’s essential to know how much your baby needs to in his meal times. Babies eat about one-quarter of an adult’s meal portion. It’s not too much and not too less for the baby. Choose the right foods to distribute for your baby meal times, along with the right quantity of milk. 

Your baby needs at least 700 mg of calcium through milk and foods every day, so make sure if you breastfeed and give him meals, the count is reached easily daily. At this stage, most mothers wish to give up breastfeeding, so try to drop one feeding time at a time. Please do not hurry, or it will affect your breast milk production, and your child will feel alone and unattended. Make sure you give it time to adjust and lots of attention and love to your baby. Try the ‘don’t offer; don’t refuse’ technique which goes gradual and works better, 

Problems with a seventeen months old baby

It’s alright to face some tantrums and loud whining during meal times and sleep times as babies of this age tend to do everything on their own. A lot of patience and focus is recommended for mothers instead of shouting and getting angry. Make sure why and when your baby refuses your meal and sleep proposals and contact your paediatrician if he shows excessive signs of negligence. 

Please provide your child with multiple toy activities to keep him busy and entertained while learning through the development too. All it needs is some wise decisions and care activities to dealing with a fussy and active seventeen-month-old.

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