Baby Development; Eighteen months old baby activities

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18 months old baby activities

So what exactly is your baby doing in his eighteenth month? You know that your baby is all grown up, acting independent, screaming all over the place, and doing whatever he sees right. An infant’s development depends on the growing signs of learning, playing, acting, and moving. When we mention the event, we also come to know about milestones. Milestones are goals that every individual child reaches a certain age. It’s not compulsory to maintain all signs at the exact age as some children tend to take it slower or faster than the required time for development. 

It is expected that a healthy baby reaches all his milestones at the age of eighteen months. Most babies do it before they reach this particular time, and some may take a month or two extra to reach all their physical and mental growth changes. It’s entirely natural to expect different speeds of development for your baby.

What is your baby doing at eighteen-month?

Your baby is playing in give and take gestures with you and fighting out some tantrums with you daily. Baby is loving quality time with his mom but does not like any other company of strangers. Whether your baby is playing with everyone or ignoring every person around him, small games like pretend, hide and seek, your toddler is adapting laughing games by now. The most essential and enjoyable gesture that your baby is enjoying the most is his feet’ freedom as he is on a mission to discover every inch of the house with his games and activities. 

Your baby is communicating with you in several ways while using the short amount of words that he can pronounce.  Physical gestures to represent what he wants to say are happening, and saying yes or no with head nods is frequently seen now. A small understanding of random objects in the house is easy for your baby now like telephone, hairbrush, spoons, and plates, etc. your baby is loving the attention now and doesn’t want a ‘No ‘coming from his loved ones. Your baby is presenting a maximum number of changes, which represent that your child has grown entirely now.

Which activities are best for your eighteen months old baby?

No matter what time it is for your baby, you still need to keep working on his development through multiple activities. After getting your baby finally checked up from his pediatrician, you will come to know all the changes that your baby has developed and what else he needs to follow. Usually, all the changes and growth symptoms will be visible by eighteen-month, so you don’t have to worry about working on his specific skills unless your baby is growing slow.  

So what exactly should you be doing now with your baby? Of course, everything is ready to be checked and tested, so why not make your baby busy into eighteen months old baby activities? Let’s look at some cognitive and interactive activities that your baby can do while looking forward to more growth and development.

Activities for eighteen months old babies

  • Try playing a freezing game with your baby with some help from music or rhythmic poems. Make them dance on the music until you stop it and shout ‘Freeze’ and see how much he follows your command. Instead of eliminating your child from the game, keep rewards with you if he follows the instructions accurately. It will help him develop social play and rhythm following skill along with instructions follows up. 
  • Have a basket and ask your child to put in and out objects from the basket. Guide him while doing it first and then see how much he follows your instruction. You can use clothes or toys to use and guide him to put in and out all of them with questions so that he will make sure he has done the job correctly. Following a guiding activity will help the child to boost self-confidence and task completion responsibility. 
  • Set a line on the floor with duct tape and ask your child to follow it while walking on it. If the baby wobbles, motivate him to start over and focus on his steps. It will help the child to grow out confidence while following instructions and working on his body balance and strength.  
  • Playing with balls is every child’s favorite game. Ask your child to hold a small ball in hand while adjusting a basket or bucket at some distance. Give him time and count to throw the ball into the given object while changing the gap between your baby and the purpose. While repeatedly following this activity, your child will develop the skill of judgment, focus, and excellent motor skills of hands and arms.
  • Playing puzzle games work significantly with your baby’s mental development. Get some mini and interactive puzzles and mazes for your baby to sort out. Please help your child in the first few tries and give him a chance to do it on his own. Your baby will learn to develop the repetitive skill of working on one specific goal and achieving it with hard work. Remember to keep it simple and easy, and as your child grows, you can intensify its attempt level to medium and hard. 
  • A small yet fun activity with a zig-zag walk will be appreciative of your baby. Place some toys or harmless objects at a distance in the room and ask your child to walk between them. Place your baby’s favorite toy at the front and ask him to get it and come back the same way. If your baby does not understand at first, you can perform the act first and ask him to do it. 

While performing all the above activities, make sure you attempt them in a child-friendly zone and open space so that it will be easy for your baby to move freely.

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