Balanced Diet for One Year Old Baby; Baby Food Chart

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balanced diet for 1 year old baby

We know how much having a healthy diet is essential, even for a grownup person, it’s crucial to keep a diet check at all times, or we can get sick pretty bad. Babies take a lot of care when it comes to looking after their diet cycle. A new mother knows how when to provide her children with the right food and the right amount according to their age limits.

Babies have their food cycle depending on their monthly growth. Generally, after six months, babies start their solids after developing new needs and new tastes for themselves. Most mothers start their weaning early and start formula for their babies permanently while some mothers stick to their feed for a limited time.

Why keeping a food check is essential for babies?

Foods play an important role in helping the child grow quickly and adequately, that’s why they need to be focused eventually after every growth cycle.

Let’s keep that in mind that babies always need their mother feed till they turn two but leaving it before time is not bad for them either. As your baby turns six months old, he begins to use his teeth and chew a little, so foods that your baby need must be soft but a bit thick to gulp. Making your baby food dull rather than liquidly is essential as they contain more nutrients than runny and liquidly food.  It also satisfies your child’s hunger and makes them feel full of dense food.

What happens when an introduction to food gets late?

During the first year of your baby, it’s a crucial time to work on your baby’s eating and moving growth. Until the year ends, your baby is ready to move on and eat many solids that can make him happy easily. If your baby is not on essential solids like fruits, boiled vegetables, porridge, and purees, he will not be interested in these foods in older age as well. It’s necessary to introduce these meals on time and let your child explore and taste them on his own no matter how messy it gets.

Eating veggies is a big fight between moms and babies, so it’s hard getting your child to eat his veggies regularly. Mothers need to know some wise tactics to get their children to eat vegetables daily. Nutrition filled foods must start early in the first year so that when your child is independent, he will not ignore healthy food in front of him.

Healthy foods for your One-Year-Old

When your child is going to turn one, you know you need to work on a balanced diet for your child if you want him to grow accordingly. Just like grownups, babies also need a specific schedule to eat meals and drink milk properly in a 24 hours cycle. How can you work on your food provision for baby in a better way? We are here to provide some essential tips on balanced diet for one-year-old baby so that whenever you get the feel of lacking behind, you can quickly get help from our provided tips.

Diet plan for a one-year-old baby

According to medical research for infants and children, the healthy baby of 1 year should take a total of 1000 calories per day, that’s why their meal plan must be about five solid meals in an entire day. You can give your child three meals and two snacks per day, so it will be easy for you to adjust his stable and fluids incomplete diet frame. The best choice for your baby in meal selection is to provide what you are eating yourself. Make your child sit and eat with you to let him understand all kinds of food.

If you wish to give your baby typical light and baby food diet, you can follow the below steps to help yourself out.

Breakfast: One-year-old babies are ready to have some whole milk with cereals, one bowl per serving along with some sliced fruit like bananas, apples and strawberries. One boiled or cooked egg is also essential in breakfast time.

Snack: Your baby can have one snack time between breakfast and lunch, so it’s best to give him one slice of toast or a whole wheat muffin with 1-2 tablespoon of cream cheese, peanut butter or yoghurt. Cut fruits can also be there in your baby’s snack time. Babies also love boiled pasta so you can add some of them in your baby’s snack time.

Lunch:  It’s time for lunch now so you can give your baby a sandwich with some chicken, egg salad, or peanut butter. You can also add some green boiled or cooked vegetables with whole milk serving. Boiled potatoes or potato flavoured dishes are also a healthy choice. Boiled rice is also considered healthy for your baby so that you can add some salt and black pepper for a little flavour and satisfaction.

Snack 2: Now it’s time for the next meal. Some cut fruits will be useful to provide or munching babies love bite-sized poppers or bites. One cup whole milk must be added to snack times twice a day if your baby is not on mother feed.

Dinner: Dinners can be a little heavy for babies so you can provide him with some boiled or cooked meat in small cubes or dices for dinner. Orange and yellow cooked veggies are also beneficial, along with fried rice and pasta. Try to add in whole milk for your baby so that his calcium intake is complete by the end of the day.

A balanced diet for your babies can vary from taste to taste for your baby. It doesn’t limit the food list for the infant as many beneficial foods can provide the same amount of energy as described in the above meals. Make sure you keep a detailed count of snacks and drinks your baby is taking per day so that whenever he feels sick or wrong, you will know what happened.

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