Three-year-old baby activities

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Three year old baby activities

It just feels like yesterday when your little one was born. And now he is already three years old. You have done so much together that now you are always wondering what to do next with your 3-year-old. Here is a list of fun and developmental activities for your 3-year old that can help him learn and improve his skills.

Art activities:

1.   Fork painting:

We can use forks in many creative ways. Besides eating purposes, we can likewise use forks to do some painting. You need some forks, paints, and books or drawing papers. You can make several kinds of patterns by dipping forks in paints. It improves the vision development and creativity of your child. Additionally, it is a very creative way of playing with paints. Moreover, your child gets to experiment with colors.

2.   Foil art:

A silver foil and toothpicks are the only requirements for this activity. Ask your kid to draw patterns on foil with the help of toothpicks. When you turn the foil around, there will be a surprising work of art. It improves your child’s creativity.

3.   Pot paintings:

Painting pots is another creative and excellent time pass for your kid. Use black or white color as a base for your pot. It will make other colors stand out. Let the base color dry first. After that, you can give your kid paintbrush, and he can make or draw whatever he wants on the pot. Your child will get to know about different colors during the process.

4.   Potato stamps:

Potato stamps is an entertaining activity for your child. Take a potato. Cut it into half. Carve different shapes on it. Paint these carved potato pieces and stamp them on any white sheet. It helps your child recognize different shapes and colors.

Sensory, developmental activities:

5.   Play dough/ clay:

Who has not played with the play dough in their childhood? All kids love to play with clay. So, why not try something creative with it? Buy different colors play dough or clay. Start by making basic shapes and telling your kid how you make it. They can try and experiment making different kinds of shapes. It not only improves your child’s motor skills but also develops his tactile senses.

6.   Colorful pasta game:

Buy some colorful pasta and put them in their respective colored bowls. Mix the pasta from all the bowls together. Afterward, ask your child to sort the pasta into their color bowl. It helps your kid to learn how to differentiate among colors.

7.   Sand foam:

All kids love to play with sand. You can introduce your child to the sand foams. They are readily available in the market, or you can make it at home as well. All you will need is some sand a shaving cream. Mixing these two will give you a sand foam mixture. You can add colors in it too, if you want to make it colorful. It is an excellent way of developing your child’s tactile senses.

8.   Sound guess:

First, download several different sounds. Such as the sound of a car, thunder rain, goat, cat, and birds. Tell your child what every sound is. After that, play the sounds. And ask your little one to guess what sound is it. It develops your kid’s hearing senses.

9.   Guess the smell:

You can pick several different objects for your kid to smell. Such as fruits, vegetables, or flowers. Let your child sniff all of these. After that, pick these objects one by one and ask your kid to guess what smell it is. It is a great activity to help improve your child’s olfactory senses. Moreover, it introduces your child to the new world of smells and fragrances.

Educational activities:

1.   Organizing colors:

This fun activity introduces your child to the world of colors. Tell him about the basic colors. What are the primary colors and what are secondary colors. Find objects of the same color and ask your child to tell you what color it is. This activity can help him learn color names and how to differentiate between colors.

2.   Play with alphabets:

You can buy alphabet books with colorful pictures. Tell your child about the alphabet. After that, pick any book and ask your child to identify any specific alphabet. It is an excellent activity for introducing alphabets.

3.   Number game:

You can teach your child number poems, or you can replace the alphabets with numbers. Poems are a great way to make your child memorize numbers. They not only enjoy singing it but learn from it as well.

4.   Rhyming poems:

Children love poems that rhyme. Play some fun poems or sing some rhymes to them. They will enjoy and dance along with it. This activity improves your kid’s memory and communicating skills.

Indoor activities:

1.   Puzzles:

You can stay at home and still have fun. Puzzles are a great indoor activity. Kids love to solve puzzles. You can make them at home or buy them from a store. It enhances your kid’s motor skills, spatial skills, and cognitive processes. They also help developing reasoning ability.

2.   Building blocks:

Blocks are one of the most favorite among all children. They love Lego blocks. Buy your baby some Lego blocks and see them fly to his wonderland of block buildings. It is a great activity for developing creativity and motor skills.

3.   Drawing and painting:

Draw with your child. Tell him how to use paint and a brush. Give him some pictures and ask him to draw himself. It will enhance his imagination and creativity area. Moreover, he will engage himself in a healthy activity.

4.   Playhouse:

You are not the only one who can run the house. Buy your little one a tent and see him building up a house of his own. It helps children to develop reasoning ability. Additionally, he/she will learn to run the household.

5.   Profession imitation:

What is your child’s dream profession? Ask him and tell him to imitate that profession. He can be a doctor, and you can be a patient. He can be a barber, and you can be a customer. Buy him some professional kits such as doctor kit etc. it gives new exposure to your kid that how these professions work.

Outdoor activities:

1.   Cycling:

Everyone’s childhood is filled with lots of cycling. Buy your kid a cycle and teach him how to ride it. It improves the balancing ability.

2.   Swimming:

Swimming is a very fun exercise. Children love to play with water. Dive in the water with your little one. He will enjoy playing in the water, along with the health aspect. It helps in muscle growth and developing motor skills.

3.   Dancing:

Dancing is always a fun activity to do. Dance with your kid or enroll him in a dance class. It helps in improving your child’s hand and eye coordination.

4.   Build a sandcastle:

Building sandcastles is a great outdoor activity. You can build a sandcastle in your backyard or can go to a beach on a pleasant day. Building sandcastles help in improving sensory development.

5.   Planting trees:

Planting trees is an environmental friendly activity. Take a nice spot in your backyard and help your child plant seeds. After planting seeds, tell your child that it is his responsibility to water them daily. This activity helps in developing a sense of responsibility in your child.

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