Toddler’s Development; Two-Year-Old Baby Activities

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2 year old baby activities

The second-year has finally finished, and your child has now grown into a more independent and active child. You may be hearing lots of negative answers in ‘NO’ to everything you say or ask.  Of course, you will listen to lots of ‘No’ as your child is in authority of all his tasks and activities. You may also call it the ‘terrible twos’ age because your child is going to show you some more astounding changes that will confuse and excite you altogether.

There are lots of changes to count that occurred during the first and second years of your child’s growth. Here are some sorted differences that we have gathered between your child’s first year and second-year developments.

Changes between the first and second year of your child

The first year: By the time of your baby’s first birthday, your baby was ready to utter some words and step up his passing game. Crawling was on peak, and your baby was showing lots of love towards his caretakers with lovely actions, smiles, and baby answers. Your whole house becomes your baby’s exploration zone, and he tries his best to reach everything he sees. Your baby can sit on himself, scoot, crawl, and creep and hold the furniture to stand up.

 Your baby’s diet includes solids and lots of formula now. Your baby may be eating with his hands and playing more with his food than eating. Small growth signs are prominent while the first year finishes, and you look forward to a move active baby in the coming future.

The second-year: When you come to see the day when your baby turns two, you will realize how quickly the time has flown, and now your baby is entirely different from when he turned one. Soon your baby is running and jumping in the house, standing on tiptoes quickly, playing and kicking balls, and getting up and down from the furniture. Your baby’s walk has become less staggering, and soon in the coming months, he will be experienced in footwork more naturally. Decision-making ability is more evident for your baby now as he has realized his presence more strongly. Your baby is in charge now, and everything is done according to his will.

Lots of changes are there throughout these two years, and the list goes long, but we have listed down some of the significant changes that make it clear that time does change a baby’s growth and turn him into a more different child.

How to work on your two years Old’s development?

As you have worked well enough with your child in the previous months, you also need to be conscious of what you should do to get the child thriving. After two years, your child would love everything related to playtime, so it’s best to choose some fun activities to do in daily routine with him. In the below statements, we have gathered some adaptable and easy two-year-old baby activities to help your child learn with fun and grow more positively altogether every day.  

Which activities help your two years old to grow?

  • Toddlers love ball games, so take your time out and spend some quality time playing with your baby with pass the ball game. You can play on your home lawn or take your child to a nearby park for a more fun time. You can make your baby’s tricycle, mini car, or horsey with you so that your child has more area to use his big toys.
  • Painting and drawings are also instrumental in developing mental and muscle skills for your toddler. Colors help your child learn through the intensity of feelings, and they love to express what they see and feel with paintings and drawings on paper. Your child may want to use them in other places, too, so make sure you lend them colors at specific times. 
  • Your child is in full independence mode, so try giving him some tasks like asking to pick toys and put them in the toy box or handing him a cloth to clean one or two safe plates while you do the dishes. Your child will love to take responsibility along with your house chores, so give him small tasks that will help bring out the responsibility skill naturally.
  • Toddlers adore imaginary games like cardboard forts and tunnels as they love to create their world and rule it just the way they want. Please provide your child some cutouts of extra boxes and attach them to create some deep and crawling space tunnels to let them have some fun. You can take help from the web and cut out a mini castle or fort out of cardboard to give your child the ability to understand his own space and how he can use it.
  • Another exciting yet indulging activity for your baby is that you can create an imaginary character like Simon and ask your children to imagine their favorite cartoon character and name him ‘Simon.’ Now you can get your child to do some work for you as you state, ‘Simon says, clean your room,’ and your child will start picking up his toys. It’s an exciting and adaptive game for kids that do not intend to listen to their mother but to their favorite character. 
  • Toddlers also enjoy riding games and while family loves to participate too. Create a small train with three or four boxes attached or lay a long piece of the board on the floor while hopping onto it and saying ‘All Aboard’ and your child will love to sit and go imaginary places with you.

All it takes is some chunks of imagination and some playful techniques to get your two years old busy. Now it’s time for you to get more creative in your dreams as your child will be playing lots of imaginative and performing games with you.

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