Infant Care: Fifteen Months Old Baby Activities

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15 months old baby activities

Your child is now big and strong, running and jumping all over the place, giving you some noisy time in the house. Your baby has developed multiple new changes in his personality, including physical movements, conversational activities, responses through gestures and voices, maybe talking much more than before, eating and sleep schedule changing, etc. Your baby is a completely new child at the age of fifteen months, and you no longer need to repeat multiple activities to teach him to speak, eat, or move. 

At this age, your toddler is learning to express himself more as his demands become multiple and forceful in action. Verbal skills of your infant are clear as they can ever be, asking and responding to objects and things he wants or not. Keep in mind that as your infant turned toddler is growing, his independence will take over his choices, leaving you with tantrums and needy behavior. During the stage of 12-18 months, your child will give you some hard time understanding what is right or wrong in his eyes. 

Developments in the first five months of baby’s second year

During the first five months of the second year, the child learns to speak, walk, jump, eat, and sleep properly. The sleep schedule changes and eating timings along with flavors and solids change. The baby becomes more independent as he comes to recognize his body and sound month after month. You will hear lots of screams, shouting, playful shrieks, and small words in his wake time frequently. Running and jumping toddlers with unstoppable speed will be seen in the house. 

Your baby is learning new things non-stop through his independent playtimes now and showing you numerous changes and growth signs through visible activities. One thing that will stress you in this phase is to deal with their tantrums while asking for everything they see or touch. Babies are not able to understand what is right or wrong for them at this age as they have just discovered their ability to reach everything in their area. As a mother, you will need to learn more about dealing with this phase with the utmost patience.

How to cope with a fifteen-month-old cranky baby?

We know that during this fifteenth month, the baby will be asking for everything he sees and shouting to get whatever he wants. A ‘No’ for an answer will not be acceptable, so how can a mother deal with a newly developed independent baby who is no ability to understand what his mother is telling him? To help these mothers out, here are some easy and adaptable ways to deal with these continuous small fight sessions with your baby

  • Show you are attentive to your child so that he can stop shouting. Ask him what he wants softly and calm him with a soothing voice.
  • The angry child never likes a fierce mom, and it will boost him more to shout and scream in front of his mother. Try to keep you calm and relax for a few seconds. After a long inhale and exhale, give him a quiet stare and ask what is wrong?
  • Quickly distract him with words and point to a new toy or object or take his finger somewhere concerning what is there to see? Provide him a further objective to investigate, and he will leave his tantrum slowly.
  • Consider the tantrum reason, and if it’s adaptable, bring him to show what he is asking for there. Usually, babies wish to search through something new they found and lose interest quickly when they are free. The attention span of little ones is concise, so let them see and hold what they are asking of, defining what its use is?
  • If it’s a start for you and you can’t handle your anger, make sure to talk this out with them when you hold down your passion. Say ‘I’m sorry’ or ‘Mama lost control and baby is now sad’ while hugging and apologizing. Connect with your baby in loveable voice and ask him if he wants a snack or candy to cheer him up. Provide something he loves and make sure he is far away from the fight for reasons or good. 

Which activities help fifteen months old babies to grow more?

We learned about how to deal with the most critical issue of the phase with some quick and adaptable tips for babies. Now it’s time to learn some fifteen months old baby activities with helpful and applicable tips in the below statements.

  • Play with some paints with them. Provide them chemical-free colors and pages to enjoy some hand painting time with you every day. 
  • Playing a basket game is also fun as kids of this age like to put and takeout objects from deep objects. Collect a big basket like a laundry basket and provide them some non-choking hazard toys or items to play. Discovering things from the bucket will give them a reason to use them and identify their purpose quickly.
  • Catching the ball is the most fun game to play with a newly independent baby. Play catch or grab the ball with your toddler once a day to help him learn the importance of open and outside fun. Make sure the ball is soft and less bouncy like a beach ball so that the baby can easily catch and grab it. 
  • Grab some scarves near you and play some rhythmic poems or baby songs, and wave those scarves over your head. You can play peek a boo in between, allowing the baby to grab and throw the scarf on herself and you eventually.
  • You can give your child a safe pencil and paper to start doodling and creating imaginary images on the paper. It will help to bring out writing interest in the baby quickly. 
  • Playdough is also a pleasurable playtime game that enhances focus and shape understanding of the baby.

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