Baby Food Diaries; Night Months Old Baby Food Chart

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9 months baby food chart

Your baby is in his ninth month of development now, and as he grows further, you can see the development signs in him as well. Your baby is moving and responding more and trying to snatch everything from your hands too. The environment around your baby is making him more curious, forcing him to grab everything he sees or touch. It’s a significant development sign as your baby is moving towards a little independence over his actions and food. 

What is your baby doing in his nine months?

Your baby is stronger than before and trying to use some excellent motor skills that are just ready to use. Your baby can stand upon on his own while holding on to something higher or slithering on the floor trying to take the full position of crawling. It’s time for you to put away everything from the floor and make your house hazard and electric cords-free. Crawling has started for some babies by now, and if your baby is still not doing it, then don’t panic as every child take time to develop new skills.

Your baby can quickly respond to your voice, answer with small baby sounds or use his senses in more responsive ways like banging or hitting a toy or chew it and throw it away. Sleep times have changed too, and your baby is sleeping a little less than before. Eating habits of your baby are in the schedule now, and he is probably on to some thick solids like meats, raw vegetables and grain foods. Several other changes have occurred by now so be prepared to look into some more growth sprouts of your baby by the end of the month.

Good food options for your nine months old baby

You are probably used to making solid foods for your baby, and he is in a routine with his milk feed and stable meal times by now. It will not be hard to adjust some extra options or advancing your meal plans for your baby now. Along with other developments, your baby is asking for some other options for his meal times as you will see that he is taking more interest in what you are eating with him.

You can look at some of the foods in below statements that we have gathered up to help all the mothers out there with their nine-month-old baby food chart. It’s not compulsory to stick to the specific options that we are about to mention as there are tons of other options to add up in food plans for babies.

  • You need to make sure that you are providing your baby milk as his priority, whether your baby is still at mother feed or taking formula. Adjust milk feed times at least three times a day so that your baby is not losing his milk instinct.
  • Finger foods like bananas, toast, pasta, well-cooked meat and cereal are also high to add into your baby’s diet plan. You can update your meal game by combining these foods with other fruits and vegetables, making purees and mashed meals for your baby. Combinational foods will help your baby get used to thicker solids for future meals.
  • Try your best to let your baby feed on his own by putting some cut fruits like berries and boiled vegetables like carrots, peas, potatoes in front of him on a baby chair. Your baby probably has made enough mess in the beginning months, but now they are used to it and probably eating from a bowl. Make sure you provide your baby hazard-free edibles and no matter how much smaller you cut his fruits and vegetables, never leave your baby unattended.
  • As your baby is tying to eat on his own, you can give him some O-shaped-toasted oat cereal or other low-sugar cereals to eat n his breakfast or snack times.
  • Light toasted bread or bagels along with some vegetable puree spread are also appreciated while providing meals for your baby.
  • Peeled mango, plum, pear, peach and seedless watermelon in small chunks are to give to your baby in his snack times. Make sure that your baby is under supervision while he takes chunk meals.
  • Babies love boiled pasta during this age so you can give it to them in limited quantities for lunch or dinner time.
  • Slightly cooked meat in pea-sized pieces is also great for filling up your baby’s tummy at dinner time. You can also add some boiled or well-cooked vegetables like carrots, potatoes and peas to maximize satisfaction.

How to follow a reasonable food timeline?

If you are a new mother, then you will probably keep on researching new ideas and techniques to keep up with your baby’s needs and provisions. Also, you will make sure you are ready to keep an excellent strength to follow up to your baby’s food timeline. A mother needs to stay focused and conscious while feeding her baby or else he will lose interest and leave the phase of learning unattended.

Keep in mind when and where your baby should be given hard foods or softer solids in his day to day routine. Make sure you do not provide hard solids near your baby sleep times, or it will upset his sleep making his stomach uncomfortable. Foods must be chosen accordingly along with milk feed for morning and night times. Milk is essential for your baby right now, so keep up its priority at top and then adjust your solids for the baby.

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