Ideas For Your Ten-Months-Old Baby Food Chart

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10 months baby food chart

So now you pretty much know that your baby is soon to be toddler and you can see a small figure moving around the house quite a lot. You are still pulling some all-nighters as you are setting your baby sleep to independence mode and probably getting a lot of favoring hugs and kisses to get what your baby wants. Don’t worry, your baby is probably coming to hug and kiss you on his own because you did it and you showed him a great example.

There is a lot that has changed in your baby by now like his height, weight, sleep, movements and response throughout his last months. The senses are working great and your baby is more active than before, getting ready to get independent. Your baby is crawling, sitting up straight on his own, talking small words and asking for everything he sees and wants to touch. Often, you may find a small improvement in your baby’s food.

Diet of a ten-months-old-baby

A healthy baby in his tenth month is eating lots of foods like cutout strawberries, berries, blue berries, boiled and mashed potatoes, smeared apples and pears, rice and wheat porridge, boiled carts, peas, green beans, broccoli and different kinds of purees combined with fruits and vegetables. Aon with meals, our baby is regularly taking his milk that can be rather formula or breast milk. You have probably adjusted to your baby’s diet routine by now but something is concerning you at this moment.

As your baby is getting more concerned of what you eat too, he is snatching or grabbing your food from hand constantly, especially when he is hungry. It’s ok to let your baby taste what you are eating unless it’s something alcoholic or too much strong for the baby. Chocolates, ice creams and cakes are loved by babies so it’s ok if you share some of your own.

What else to feed the baby in his tenth month?

Babies have a habit of getting tired of something pretty quickly whether it’s a toy or their favorite food, they will eventually switch to something new or demand for one. It’s ok to add in some extra foods to your baby’s diet and in case you are feeling confused on what to add, here are some useful ideas for meals of your ten-month-old baby food chart.

  • Rice or wheat porridge mixed with boiled veggies.
  • Homemade fresh juice of sweetened fruits.
  • Cooked potatoes with carrots and green beans.
  • Grinded banana shake
  • Boiled or scrambled eggs
  • Soft wheat roti with boiled potato
  • Fresh fruit yogurt
  • Flavored custards with fruit pieces
  • Flavored cereals for above 8 months baby
  • Flavored oat meals

Infants in their tenth month probably want to look out for something new to eat. So if you go out for dinner and your baby snatches your burger or fries from your hand, don’t hesitate to give him a taste as it will help your baby to understand different foods and tastes.

What more to expect from baby’s choice in foods?

Your baby is eating three meals a day along with two times extra snacks by now but most mothers complain about seeing their baby getting distracted from a proper routine. The main cause of his problem is usually the sudden change in their choice or bringing out something new to their table. Sometimes, teething also affects your baby’s daily diet and you have to force on to few nibbles into your baby’s mouth the entire day.

Babies need space to adjust n a change so if you wish to make your baby get used to  his new foods easily, give him that food in small amounts every three to four hours so that he can get used to the flavor easily. Also, milk schedule clashes with meal time a lot as your baby keeps juggling his hunger between milk or solids. Try your best to limit the milk in sleep times and solids in active times.

How much to feed your baby at meal time?

Your infant is very little and has a fist about the same size. No more than he can ingest and starting with new items would cause your kid to feed. Repeat the new food at least three times in one day to get your baby used to flavor. Make sure you feed the baby after he takes his nap so that he will have time to digest food while playing. If your baby is not accepting a specific food, adjust it with some other meal and your baby will never know.

If you wish to give multiple foods at one time, keep their quantity at minimum in one bowl so that your baby picks and eat all of them. The most critical ingredient of your baby’s diet is vegetables and berries, so ensure that you put them on his high chair every two hours, in limited quantities. Its ok to give your baby his food in hand even while playing as it will keep him busy and well fed during playtime.

What to look for to add in a baby’s perfect food chart?

When a new mother sits and searches for her next step towards her baby’s care, it’s will be hectic to understand different categories of foods for her baby at one time. It’s hard to understand which recipe or what food is best and quick to adapt for her baby? As we search about baby foods, we come across hundreds of recipes and ideas for feeding our babies healthy and nutritious foods. Some of them are adaptable while some are hard to adjust on a daily basis. So what can a normal mother do in order to use a regular recipe on a daily basis? Well, it’s easy to understand that every mother knows which single foods are important for babies and in which month they must be used. To create a routine and keep those foods ready along with creating small recipes of your own by mixing and combining those ingredients and you will not find it hard to look for new food for your baby.

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