Baby Diaries; One-Year-Old Baby Activities

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One-Year-Old Baby Activities

After a whole year of changes and developments physically and mentally, your baby has finally reached his first birthday. While preparing for his birthday celebrations, you will have multiple flashbacks of his stages that you went through from birth to 12 months. How your baby changes physically and mentally and how much he still has to grow. All of those memories will be stored into your memory lane, making new space for what is coming for your baby and you. It’s a pleasing feeling thinking how time is running when you are looking after an infant.

Babies tend to grow at their own pace and can not compare due to their visible growth changes. Every child is born different, and when a baby reaches the age of one, he is more than what he was in his first month. Your baby has become independent and active as compared to that infant in his helpless form as a newborn. Changes will be prominent as the time will pass, and you will come to learn that your child has grown up to be a fine young child now. 

A whole year of changes and development

While getting a cake for your child, you will get teary and joyful every time you think of your baby being a year old now. Tough times have gone, and you and your baby have a stable and well-settled life schedule and more to look ahead. The baby is walking, crawling, talking, smiling, responding, and playing in every possible manner in front of you. 

A mother becomes more active and careful when a baby reaches the age of one as he can reach everything and grab anything he wants. A safe zone is suggested to every mother while giving space to their babies to make sure the environment is hazard-free for them. Babies develop all types of sensory and physical changes that allow them to stand, bend, crawl, grab, and every other action to think of at this moment. Babies are eating solids and tasting different flavors now, along with presenting themselves as children with their personalities. It’s hard not to notice how a baby changes during all these past 12 months of growing and developing.

One-year-old babies and their activities

It’s not hard picking up foods and activities for your one-year-old as he is concentrative to everything he sees or hears now. You can choose lots of games and activities for your baby to start a new journey in the second year of great learning and growing. We have gathered up someone-year-old baby activities for your child so that you can get some ideas for his learning time and give him your complete focus to make sure he picks everything completely. 

  1. Right now, your child loves noises and music as he looks and follows his poems and songs in his screen time keenly. Bring in some musical activities for him. You can manage any utensils able to boom or thwack hardly to get your child busy with drumming and singing. Just make sure he does not use any other sensitive object for drumming and banging, or it will break. If he has his toys to bang and sing too, he will not look out for other options.
  2. Playing house is a very interesting game, not limited to girls only. Boys also love to be a part of a small cushion house with mini playing utensils to cook imaginary dinners in the house. Give your child space where he or she can create their world and understand the importance of family and home. You can get some cardboard boxes to cut out houses, tunnels, or forts to get your child busy. It will help your child to learn social, motor, and exploring skills. 
  3. Playing phone calls is also a very pleasurable activity. All you need is to buy them a small toy phone which can respond or make voices to make it look like a call. Grab your phone and ask them to call you or call someone they love. You would love to see what they do while mimicking phones call in an adorable accent. This activity will boost your child’s communicative ability a lot.
  4. Play a ‘go and get it’ game where you help your child detect something you want. Place a toy or an object far from his reach and tell him to get it. Your child will love to play some small errand games with you as kids love to be given work and get an appreciation for it. Even if your child is not walking yet, he will crawl his way out to get the toy and bring it back. This activity will help them bring out some competition ability and turn-taking understanding in a better way. 
  5. Here is an interesting game that you can play with your one-year-old. Put a dot with lipstick or removable marker on their face and make them stand in front of a mirror. If your child notices the dot and tries to remove it directly on the face or in the mirror, you will know that they have developed the sense of their presence and notice themselves in the mirror reflection. If your child doesn’t respond, it’s alright, and you can try it again after some time.


Fun-filled activities and their list can go a long way, and you will never be tired of learning new things for your baby. All that matters is how and when to apply your knowledge and in what manner you should do it. Babies are born with learning instincts, so it’s never late to teach them something new every day, especially when you see them start moving and walking. Your one-year-old is ready to learn some active games so give it a go and watch him develop himself miraculously.

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