Adaptable Foods for Thirteen-Months-Old Baby Food Chart

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13 months baby food chart

You know pretty well that your baby is now thirteen months old and has crossed his first-year phase with you in hard work and dedication. You should be proud of yourself for bringing up a healthy and active child and now better look forward to his more positive future growth and developments. Babies, after one year, bring out lots of changes and growth sprouts that somehow make their mothers a little tense. Babies of all ages require different types of care according to their growth, so you shouldn’t worry much.

How much your one-year-old has grown?

So now, your baby is independent and is trying to reach everything that attracts him on his own. Physically your baby is showing signs of growing up by fading rolls on arms and legs. Weight and height have doubled since birth, and your baby is trying is best to communicate with you with some baby words. Your baby is completely different now in behavioral terms and has become an unexpected exploring toddler and crawler. Be ready as your baby is going to give you some running workout in the house soon.

In the thirteenth month of your baby, the sleep schedule has changed, and your baby is probably talking about two naps per day, but some babies may transition into one rest a day because they are taking more hours at night. The fact that we wish to discuss further in your grown baby is his diet, so let’s take a look at his diet plan for a whole year first.

Baby’s food in his first year

Ever since your baby started solids, you must have seen and introduced lots of prioritizing foods for your baby to start, which was very beneficial for his health. You must have tried hard to feed your baby some nutritious meals, and your baby has probably used too many foods by now. Foods like mashed bananas, avocados, boiled or cooked veggies, cereals, fruits and vegetable purees, fresh juices, and meat chunks are kind of daily routine food for your baby now. Now that you have trained your baby for long term solid foods, you will think what more can you choose to give your baby?

Foods to choose for your thirteen months old baby

You know a lot of details related to your baby’s diet by now, but you are searching for something that can click you and your baby fast and let him observe the taste of new food quickly. You can look out for some useful and easily applicable tips and options in the below description that can make your baby explore the food world more healthily. Look out for some healthy foods and meals to add to your thirteen-months-old baby food chart in further detail.

  • Your baby is ready to try some new foods except for junk food so you can offer your baby anything healthy that you eat yourself. Keep your baby’s milk intake going before he turns two as its essential for your baby’s growth. Right now, your baby needs to have at least one portion of animal foods like milk, dairy, eggs, meat, fish, and poultry in one day.
  • Add one portion of legumes like chickpeas and peas along with parts of nuts, green, or orange fruits and vegetables in day time portions at least one time as well. If your baby is taking meals five times a day, it will not be hard for you to adjust all these portions every day.
  • Now your baby is ready to gulp down some fat or oil in her food as well for more energy. You can try some lightly fried or baked chicken or potatoes in the form of chunks and fries for your baby too.
  • Even if your baby is grown up and can eat multiple types of foods, make sure you keep a detailed check of what he is eating. Some foods are considered bad for your baby’s health at that age, for example, artificially flavored snacks, crisps, cookies, cakes, candies, soda,  and any artificially made junk food. Make some exciting meals with the help of the above options at home to keep your baby’s stomach safe and aspire him to eat at home rather than shout for junk food outside.
  • Try combining some vegetables and create something soft and edible for your baby to eat after he has been playing for a long time. Potatoes, peas, carrots, green beans

What to do if your baby is not eating healthy foods?

Every baby requires special attention and care while being given some healthy snacks. Kids love new flavors, but healthy snacks start to bore them if taken continuously. If your child has begun pushing the veggies and fruits away, make sure you feed him when he’s hungry. Unattended meals and non-hungry times are not best for feeding tasty meals.

Give your baby food when he asks, or you feel he is hungry now. Do not provide milk at mealtime, or you will lose the meals’ schedule pace. Try merging two or three meals to give a feel of something new to your baby. Eat along with your baby to motivate him or sing some favorite rhymes with small dancing to cheer up his mood to eat. Create a short story to indulge your baby and feed him with every expression.

Never force your baby to eat as it will make him neglect meals every time you offer Babies need space as we do, so act smart and feed your baby cleverly that one day he comes to like all the foods you give him.  

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