Fourteen months old baby food chart

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Fourteen months old baby food chart

When your baby turns 14 months old, he will be able to eat all kinds of foods that the rest of the family eats. Before your baby turns one year old, all the nutrition necessary for your baby’s growth and development were fulfilled through breast milk. But when he enters the toddlerhood, he will need a well-balanced diet for the right development and growth. By 14 months, children start eating less, so be careful about deciding their diet plan. As now, they will be getting most of the essential calories and nutrients form table food.

What nutrients are necessary for 14 months old?


Energy is the most significant prerequisite for 14 months old kids. Start from 1000 calories in the earlier months. The everyday requirement would level something like 1200-1300 calories at this time. 


Our eating regimen typically centers around carbohydrates, which can leave the measure of protein on the lower side. But never disregard it. A 14-month-old child requires around 13-15 grams of protein in his diet every day. 


Carbohydrates should be a significant part of your baby’s diet. They not only provide energy but additionally supports the brain to grow and function properly. Their necessity is equivalent to that of a grown-up, for example, approximately 130-150 grams every day. 

Dietary Fiber:

Dietary fiber is significant for your youngster’s well-being. It helps in digesting food and guarantees bowel movement. A 14 months old baby should consume at least 19 grams of fiber from fruits to leafy food nourishments.


Sodium is one of the most indispensable nutrients necessary for our bodily procedures. Children need it as well. An infant’s every day sodium nutrient requirement is around 1 gram.


In case your child is iron deficient, you need to keep his iron intake ideal from different sources. 7 mg of iron intake is necessary for iron-deficient kids. It will handily clear any kind of iron inadequacy. 


Most of the parents do not think of water as a nutrient. They neglect the water requirement for keeping the body’s electrolyte in a balanced condition. Parents must ensure that their kid drinks at least 1-liter water every day.

Strengthening Nutrients:

Aside from the significant ones, some trace substances are additionally important to help and support different body parts. You can add Omega 3 unsaturated fats, probiotics, DHA, and many other trace substances in your diet plan by adding different foods in your daily meals.

Best nourishments for 14 months old babies:


Grains must be a significant part of your 14-months old’s diet. You can feed your baby whole grains like brown rice, oatmeal, and whole wheat bread. Additionally, you can serve a pasta serving to your child. You can likewise add some healthy or wholesome food during dish preparation. Make sure to give at least one serving of grains to your child every day. 


Delicious and lavish fruits are amazing additional items for your baby’s diet plan. They are a great source of nutrients for your child’s well-being. You should incorporate at least one serving of fruits in every meal. Slice a ripe fruit in the form of cubes. It will make it more comfortable for your child to eat. One fruit serving is equivalent to one/fourth of a fruit cup.


Colorful vegetables are very healthy and attractive for babies. Try to avoid serving raw vegetables as it can cause a risk of choking. Steamed vegetables are better as they are tender in texture. You can also season them with salt and pepper. Cut these tender vegetables into small pieces and serve to your baby. Try adding at least one vitamin C enriched vegetable in your child’s meal plan.


You can serve juice to your baby as well. But make sure to serve 100% fresh juice. Avoid giving juices with too much sugar or preservative to your baby. Avoid from serving more than 6 ounces of juice per day.


Milk should make up the greater part of your fourteenth month-old. A half-cup of milk equivalents to one serving. Go for full-fat milk to serve your child. Try not to give more than 16 ounces of milk per day. The foods are delicious for 14 months old if you serve it with milk.


Eggs are rich in folate, vitamin B12, iron, protein, and choline. They are the most nutritious food for 14 months old toddlers. You can scramble eggs with vegetables for making a quick meal. You can also try mashing the egg with a fork and serve it with a lot of cheese sprinkled over it.


Beans are a phenomenal substitute for meats at dinners. Serve beans with fruits rich in vitamin C and vegetables. It helps in increasing vitamin C absorption into your baby’s body. Remember to mash or chop the beans into small pieces before serving.


Kids of all ages love cheese. You can add cheese in beans, eggs, or vegetables. Cheese is a magnificent source of protein. It also contains essential nutrients like calcium that are necessary for a developing kid.

Lean Meat: 

Lean meat like fish and poultry are great for 14 months old baby. There should be at least 1 ounce of meat serving in a 14 months old’s diet. Try not to serve him more than the prescribed sum, as protein sources should be the smallest portion of your baby’s diet plan. You can make your baby’s food tasty by serving it with lean meat.

Breast milk: 

It is a good thing if your baby continues to breastfeed. Breast milk will give him all the necessary vitamins, enzymes, calories, and vital immunities. Kids who breast feed rarely fall sick. Moreover, breast feeding develops a strong between the mother and her baby.

How Much 14-Month-Old Should Be Eating?

A 14-month-old ought to eat around two snacks and three meals every day. Give your baby a variety of foods with all nutritional categories such as fruits, vegetables, protein, dairy, and grains.

Doctors say that most of the babies need roughly 1,000 calories every day or 40 calories for every inch of their height. But obviously, you should not worry too much about keeping the track. Give portions of around one-fourth size of an adult meal to your one-year-old baby. Then leave it to her to decide how much appetite he has and how much he wants to eat.

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