Baby Food Diaries; Fifteen-Months-Baby Food Chart

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15 months baby food chart

A fifteen-months-old is ready to observe and taste all kinds of foods around him, except those that are harmful. Mothers can easily feed their babies of this age anything edible that they are eating and can stay worried free. You may find your baby changing some habits in foods and may start asking more than just mashed potatoes and pureed foods.

That’s why it’s important that being a mother, you have your strategies prepared and foods ready to give your baby something new. Make sure anything that attracts your mind catches your baby’s attention as well, or your independent toddler will neglect it and never look at it again. As you know that your baby needs at least three to four meals per day, you must adjust your baby’s foods according to his meal times.

Which foods are best for your baby in his fifteenth month?

Until your baby reaches his fifteenth month, he is probably tired of eating all the soft and pureed foods and now wants to bite on to something more robust and juicy to eat on his own. Your baby’s table manners are much better than before now, so you are handling your baby efficiently at the table during meal times. 

You are used to making the same meals repeatedly for your baby and probably want something for your fifteen-months-old baby food chart. Below are some easy and practical food ideas that can help you upgrade your baby’s food routine positively.

  • Cow milk: In the past 14 months, we have been mentioning that cow milk should stay out of your baby’s life until he grows out of his first year, and now it’s time to feed your baby some cow milk but in a cup, not bottle. Its best to divide the cow milk of 480ml into three portions; also, you can provide cow milk in other forms as well like milkshakes, puddings, yogurt, paneer, custard, etc. in case your baby is resisting Milk directly. You are free to let go of breastfeeding as solids are completing the requirement of your baby’s stomach.
  • Fruits and vegetables: We may find it common to see fruits and vegetables on our list, but there are many ways to get them according to the monthly growth of the baby. You have been giving your baby fruits and vegetables in cut out chunks or pureed forms, but now you can provide them in raw form by slicing them into thin pieces and giving them in their hands. The daily dose of fruits and vegetables is essential for positive baby growth and development. Make sure whatever you provide is fresh and juicy.
  • Cereals: Your baby is ready to taste some wheat, rice, and millet flavored cereals as they are a direct source of carbohydrates for babies. Your baby must take in energy fueled foods to boost his development process. That’s why adding cereals to your baby’s diet is a great decision.
  • Fat and protein diet: If your baby is asking for something fried or oily, it’s alright to give them a small quantity of it as it’s crucial for their source of energy. Protein and fat-rich foods are considered a must into your toddler’s diet, and if you prefer animal fat, then you can give your baby meat, chicken, and egg for a balanced intake of these two essentials. Also, you can add fish to meat intake as fish is high in protein and suitable for your baby’s energy. Cook or fry some meat out in light oil and make sure it’s not too much in quantity or greasy for your baby

How to follow a whole day diet plan for your baby?

You got a good look at some helpful ideas for your fifteen-months-old baby’s food chart, but some of you may start to wonder that how can we adjust all these foods into a whole day meal plan? Do not worry as we are here to provide the answer to your theoretical concern, so read out the below statements for your further easiness. 

Early morning: ½ to 1 cup of whole Milk

Breakfast:  ½ cup iron-fortified breakfast cereal or one cooked egg. You can add fruit to cereal or offer it separately. ½ banana sliced or 2-3 sliced strawberries. Create a plate and deliver your baby to eat with separate portions on the baby plate.

Mid-morning: 1 sliced toast or whole wheat muffin for your baby will be useful, so apply 1-2 tablespoons cream cheese or peanut butter or yogurt on them for more flavor. You can add in some fruit slices again along with ½ cup milk.

Lunch: ½ sandwich of sliced chicken, egg salad, or peanut butter in lunch and ½ cup cooked green veggies are a great option. You can add in ½ bowl of cereal too into your baby’s lunch.

Evening snack: 2-3 tablespoons fruits or berries or 1-2 ounces cubed or string cheese in snack time at evening will help your baby satisfy him well after playtime. Try adding in a cup of Milk for energy too.

Dinner: Its times for some big dinner time, so 2-3 ounces ground or diced cooked meat with ½ cup of yellow or orange vegetables are great for satisfaction. Babies love pasta too, so ½ bowls of pasta, boiled rice, or potatoes are also tasty edibles that can make your baby happy. Try adding ½ cup of Milk at the end for more satisfaction before sleep.

The more you add in options for your baby in his meal times, the more satisfaction and peace he will have and sleep like a happy baby at night. Make sure you are a trained baby food chef by now so that you do not hesitate to create something new for your baby.

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