22 Months Old Baby Developmental Activities and Milestones

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22 months old baby developmental activities and milestones

Your baby is almost two years old! You feel as if time flew by. As if it was just yesterday when your baby turned one year old. And today he is already stepping into his second. He is the centre of your world. They eat solid foods. Imitate everything you do. They also help you in doing your work. And want to be a part of everything you do. He is growing up into a fantastic toddler and learning new things at high speed.

Your baby’s hands are the most delicate thing to exist in this world for you. And when these delicate hands touch yours, you cannot explain the joy. Seeing these tiny hands growing is another wonderful feeling. Everyone should be aware of the fact that every kid is remarkable and unique in its way. All kids take their own time to develop both mentally and physically.

22 months old developmental activities:

Eating with a spoon:

Your 22-month-old toddler is capable of eating on his own. He can eat with a spoon and drink directly from a glass. He may create a fuss and spill around. But it will be a delightful sight to watch your baby eat himself.

Teeth Development:

By this time of 22 months, your baby will have a set of 16 teeth. So, we will be capable of eating and chewing food better. Therefore he will be better at digesting food as well.


A 22-month-old child’s weight would be ideal in equilibrium, which will help him to stand and sit on his own. His body will be in balance. There will be no more need to hold him or keep him in the pram. He will be able to wander around without any help on his own.

Running around:

By 22 months, your baby can walk and run as well. When your baby starts walking, he wants to it more, and the desire to run is like never before. Make sure to be cautious around your child when he runs from one place to another, in his upbeat state of mind.

Independency growth:

Development of independence is natural. But being independent does not mean that your baby will carry out his daily schedule on his own without any help. Yet it implies that they’ll get a comprehension of what they need to do. Owing to tin engaging him with the developing observational abilities, your child would realize what he needs to do straight away and what he passed up. You will be shocked to see your kid starting with his playtime without your help or without you engaging him in it.

Better association with friends:

You’ll notice that your little one connects well with the known faces around. Like, he will get around well with children of his age. Primarily if he has known them for quite some time. He will likewise show compassion towards his favorite people when he sees them in torment or being sad. If your baby does not know someone or has never seen them before, he will be most likely to be modest and shy at first. But after taking his own sweet time, he will get along with them.


When your child reaches his 22 months, he will copy everything you do and say. Moreover, he will try imitating everything around him. In this way, everything that happens around him will notice and develop it into his habit. Therefore, parents and guardians must be aware of their acts carefully and mindfully. As children develop on whatever they see around.

Likes and dislikes:

By now, your child is mature enough to show rage and throw tantrums. Regardless of whether it is the flavour of some food they eat or any specific person. Your child will straightforwardly communicate through his expressions and words to openly express his liking and disliking.

Personality development:

Your little one will know and recognize his name by now. He will be capable of understanding when somebody is conversing with him or about him. Additionally, he will create explicit attributes, communicate and express sadness, anger, and happiness in his particular manner. It can be surprising for you.

Speech improvement:

Your baby gets better in speech advancement. By 22 months, he can talk basic words or, in short, broken sentences. Besides, small instructions or requests made by you are easily recognizable for him.

Memory development:

Your little bunch of happiness is capable of recognizing familiar faces around him. Furthermore, he can also recognize the places he visits frequently. Additionally, he will start recognizing pets and colors he sees around the house. You may not see it, yet your child would likewise begin connecting dots and relating his past events.

Better Observational and learning ability:

If you give your child an upside-down book, he will realize that it is being held wrongly. Moreover, if you show him how to open a door handle and in which direction to move it. He will copy it immediately.

Concentration aptitudes:

If your child cherishes puzzle solving, then give him a lot of puzzles. It will develop his concentration skills. He will nor redirect his consideration anywhere else until he gets a way to solve the puzzle. Moreover, if you show them to play something new, they will play with all of their concentration on the game.

What to do and what to not:

In case you have a hot utensil at home. When you advise your 22-month-old child not to get close to it or not to touch it as it will burn him. He will adhere to the directions. The same goes for the case with cold items. In this way, he will get to know what is right to do and what is wrong.

22-Month-Old Milestones:

Here are a few achievements your 22-month-old may have hit or might be taking a shot at as he approaches his subsequent birthday:

Motor aptitudes:

A 22-month-old is capable of walking in reverse and kicking a ball. Also, he might be able to balance himself on foot while holding a chair or taking support from a wall. Soon she will be able to ride a tricycle.


She’s most likely capable of saying 50 words or as much as 100.


Your little child’s lower second molars or potentially upper second molars may be ejecting, causing some teeth distress.

Potty Training:

Some 22-month-olds give indications of potty training readiness. You can begin urging him to sit on the potty. Make sure not to pressurize him for potty training. As it is still early for him to get potty trained. He is more likely to begin once he arrives at 27 or to 32 months.

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